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We then see Nina ask Johnny how deep the underwater runway is, given her "lung situation." He's all, "…quoi?" and Nina explains that part of her lung was removed. She breathed-in some sort of airborne fungus and was really sick for eight months, thinking that she was having odd mood swings but really actually dying. If she goes too deep underwater, her lung could implode. Johnny had no idea about this, even though it seems like very important information that would be drawn out in an exploitative manner at casting. Marvin basically hopes that Nina's lung implodes just a little, because she's fierce competition and he'd like her out.

The runway is about twelve feet under the water's surface, and Jourdan is first to walk it. She tells us again that runway is her best asset in the competition, and she has the best walk. Johnny agrees that she had great energy and a great walk, and really embodied the brand. Renee is next, and Johnny loves that she's giving full attitude like she's on a catwalk In Paris. So, the rivalry continues! We then cut to Nina, talking to executive producer Laura Fuest. The diving expert on site said that Nina's situation is potentially unsafe, and the producers…probably…don't want to have us watch a lovely girl's lung implode on camera. Nina starts crying, and Laura tells her that she's safe to snorkel. It's definitely a disadvantage, and Nina continues to shed tears on the boat deck. Chris and Cory are there, and Chris interviews that the crying thing is getting to him. There's nothing he can say to "better her" that he hasn't said already, so he just walks away in her time of need. Cory tries to calm her, saying that she'll be judged on how professionally she handles the situation, but what she really wants is Chris to comfort her. Instead, he cracks jokes with Jourdan. Nina tells us that Chris always calls her his girl, but she doesn't much feel like it now. And really, it's her fault for trying to get her savior complex on with this nut-punching clown in the first place.

It's Chris's turn on the runway, and he does a weird jump at the end that Johnny seems to like. Marvin looks pretty stiff, and Johnny reports that he's not feeling it. There's no energy or excitement. Poor Cory doesn't have a good body for bathing suits, and will probably land at the bottom on DNA alone. We cut to Marvin holding Renee against him. She is grossed out by the fact that she likes him, but thinks he's sweet and says that he makes her want to be sweet too. Jeremy is next on the underwater catwalk, and Johnny is not impressed. He's not fun, there's no pep in his step, and he's doing weird girl poses. Then it's time for poor Don to get in the water. He tells us that when he's not in control his mind snaps back to his attack and he gets panicked. He puts on the helmet but can't get under the water before asking to take it off. He says he's got bad anxiety, and Marvin and Cory try to tell him that it's not that bad and he can breathe normally. He says he'll try again, but has a baseline level of fear that's really hard to deal with. He gets to the catwalk and freaks out when he sees how far away the water's surface is. Don asks to be taken back up, and Johnny can't believe that he's bailing. But Don tells us that on his way back to the air he's thinking, "Fuck this challenge, I just want to live."

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