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Bali Wanna Cracker?

Jeremy also poses with the leopard, and seems uber-calm and also like the two of them might make sweet love. Johnny says that Jeremy came strong, and will get a good shot today. Chris is next with the macaws on his shoulders. Johnny asks for more expression in his face, since he looks tired and bored. Then Chris tries to make a wing with his hand, which does not work at all. Johnny notes that Chris is really struggling, and he's worried about his chances at a good photo. Marvin is also posing with the macaws, and Johnny tells him to model through his tropical bird makeup rather than looking like a drag queen. He continues to have a hard time, and Johnny doesn't feel any connection between Marvin and the birds. Marvin is quite concerned about going home, where there is no Renee with which to cuddle.

Speaking of Renee, she gives Jeremy kudos for holding his shit together with the leopard, and Jeremy admits that he's feeling like he might have best photo. Marvin smirks, and tells us that Jeremy is a muscle head, and also not a very good model. Renee pipes in to say that she hopes Jeremy gets best photo, which annoys cuddle buddy Marvin. He says that she should want best photo for herself, which really means that he wants her to think that he should get best photo. Renee gets pissed, because finally she gives a compliment to someone and she has to deal with all this flak. From the dude she's sexing no less! Marvin then gets mean and reminds Renee that she's never had best photo. She tells us that he's a jackass, and she can do better than him. The two bicker back and forth, and I think she even calls him "girl." Marvin says that he loves Renee to death and loves her body, but her mouth is annoying. Cory doesn't know what to do with these children, other than remind them that they're on a job and should try to have a modicum of professional decorum. Maybe this is their dysfunctional foreplay?

And then it's panel time! There are prizes, there are judges, there is a scoring system. Renee is up first for evaluation, and she gets mixed reviews on her photo. Kelly says that there's a flatness to her modeling, and that she has an air of Jada Pinkett-Smith about her. Rob agrees, saying that she's flat but there's some connection with Renee and the animal. Tyra thinks that Renee looks stunning, but her body looks wide from hip to hip. You have to dip and then the hip, says Tyra, and I have watched that clip at least fifteen times and still have no idea what she's talking about. Bryanboy isn't proud of Renee's social media score. However, the judges still give her pretty good marks -- she gets a 7 from Rob and 8s from Tyra and Kelly.

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