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The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack

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Cory is next, and Kelly loves his shot. She thinks he's a connected androgynous creature, but hates how he's currently dressed as a castaway. Rob thinks that Cory's photo looks comical rather than edgy and editorial. Well, he's posing next to a Flixel-ized primate who's scratching himself. Tyra loves it, and says that Cory embodied the challenge. He gets a 6 from Rob and 9s from Kelly and Tyra. Then there's Don, who has to talk about his underwater panic attack. Rob likes Don's photo and his bas-ass face. Kelly agrees that the face is good, but says that his body looks like that of a slouchy neighbor chilling in his backyard. Tyra also concurs that Don's face is divine, but from the chin down he looks like a boxer with a really thick neck. It's not elegant. Don's social media score also drops. He gets a 6 from Tyra, 7 from Kelly and 9 from Rob.

Chris is up next, and Kelly loves his show per usual, saying that he looks like king of the birds. Rob and Bryanboy band together to call Kelly out on her bewildering love for Chris, and call the shot boring. But Kelly loves everything about Chris as a model, and says that this is the first photo where you can see a relationship between the model and the animal. Bryanboy tells her that she needs to get her eyes checked. Rob says that there's no connection and it's absolutely flat, but Chris gets away with it because he has a model face. Tyra agrees with Rob, saying that the photo is Cirque de Soleil backstage. Fans aren't crazy about it either, according to Bryan. Chris gets a 9 from Kelly and 6s from Rob and Tyra.

Then there's Nina. Counter to Johnny's assertion that they didn't get anything, Kelly calls the shot stunning and says that Nina looks like the love child of Audrey Hepburn and a Cirque de Soleil performer (mimes not included). Rob doesn't see the connection between Nina and the snake, but Tyra thinks Nina and the snake are interacting fantastically. Nina has been queen of social media for three weeks, and continues to rock it. Nina gets a 6 from Rob, 9 from Kelly, and 10 from Tyra. Jeremy is next, and Kelly tells him that he has a distorted body and looks like the butler for Siegfried and Roy. By butler she means poolboy. And by poolboy she means…well, you know. Rob, who is determined to feel the opposite way from Kelly about everything, likes the shot well enough. He says that Jeremy is finally working his body appropriately. Tyra pipes in to say that she doesn't see Siegfried and Roy…she sees Liberace. Whichever way you slice it: butt sex. Kelly notes that they're in the same genre of "gay Vegas." Tyra adds that Chris has makeup that feminizes his face, and needs to make his features harder if he doesn't want to look like a girl. Or a campy gayicon. Social media is super into Jeremy though, and thinks that he's stepping up his game. Jeremy gets 7s from Tyra and Kelly and an 8 from Rob.

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