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Jourdan is next. Rob says that with the wig and makeup you have to second guess whether that's her or not, which he notes will take her far in this industry. Tyra, however, doesn't think that it's a good thing. It's about branding, and she should be recognizable. And then Tyra says that Jourdan looks like someone she'd find in one of her mom's catalogues. Like, some Newport News shit. Kelly thinks that Jourdan looks like a 53-year old ex supermodel with four ex-husbands. Jourdan gets an 8 from Kelly, 7 from Rob, and 6 from Tyra. Finally there's Marvin. He also looks way too gay for Kelly in his macaw photo, and she can't find one thing in the picture that she likes. She wonders if she was tricked into liking him earlier in the season by his personality alone. Rob also thinks that the photo is weak, and that Marvin looks like Boy George. Tyra likes it, though, and says that Marvin is pushing and giving something rather than standing there. Fans love it too, as does Bryanboy. Marvin gets a 6 from Rob, 7 from Kelly, and 8 from Tyra.

The scores are tabulated, and it turns out that Nina has best photo of the week. Again! She got a fan vote of 7.3 and total score of 38.3. Renee is next with a fan vote of -- ouch -- 3.9 and a total of 36.9. Hip and a dip indeed. Jeremy is called next with a fan vote of 6.8 and total of 36.8. Then there's Cory with a fan vote of 5.4 and total of 35.4; Jourdan with a fan vote of 4.9 and total of 34.9; and Chris with a fan vote of 4.5 and total of 33.5. This leaves biffles Marvin and Don in the bottom two. They put arms around one another's' shoulders as Tyra tells them that the photo in her hands represents the beautiful man who is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Marvin has charisma and charm and beautiful photos week after week. But those things can only take him so far. Don, meanwhile, has the rare combination of being street-fine and having model looks too. But there are some weeks and some photos that make the judges wonder if he's really a model. So who stays in the competition? It's Marvin, whose fan vote of 5.6 and total of 32.6 bests Don, with a fan vote of 5.3 and total of 32.3.

Marvin starts crying and Don hugs him before Tyra tells him to be more consistent. Don seems the slightest bit relieved as Tyra hugs him and tells him to study his face and his angles. He's disappointed since he wanted to move forward, and also felt his picture was way better than Chris's. But Don will continue to pursue music and modeling, and tells us that he's hoping to see Marvin take it all. And with that, Don's beautiful blue eyes walk out of our lives forever.

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