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The first round of casting cuts happened, and the final 26 moved into the Top Model house for a week. There were rooms for boys and rooms for girls, but "free spirit" Phil was comfortable anywhere. Having been a couch-surfer for some time now, Phil was totally comfortable using the in-house runway as a bed. He's rocked gazebos and park benches, after all, so a catwalk is nothing. And are gazebos typically involved in homeless life? I always thought it was more of an "under the bridge" type situation, but he makes it sound positively quaint. While Phil was readying himself for the inevitable bed of nails that would come with his Jesus makeover, Jeremy engaged in flirty moment #9. Yes, I am speaking of the time when Jeremy and Jourdan had awkward flirty times in the hot tub, with Cory facilitating. Jourdan obviously relished both the attention and the opportunity to be a complete snot to Jeremy and still have him worship her.

The first photo shoot of the season was larger than life, with models being projected onto a building as they posed. While Nina and Chris H. talked up passersby and felt like stars, Virgg didn't have such a great time of it. Since she was transitioning and going through hormone therapy, the physical demands of the shoot plum wore her out and she started to think about leaving the competition. She told Chris she could get blood clots, and he was like, "Don't stop being a role model!" Feeling unable to cope with the pressures of the competition, Virgg made the heartbreaking decision to leave. Tyra was nice about it, saying she was proud that Virgg decided to put her health first, and that she hoped she could come back to the show someday. So…I guess this means there are going to be more cycles? Or a spin-off entitled America's Next Top Virgg?

And then it's time for a focus on Phil, who Tyra voices over is "Cycle 20's never ending bundle of crazy." Apparently there's not time in an hour-long clip show to share every loony thing that crazy loon Phil the loon has done thus far, so Tyra is introducing them one by one in a segment called, "Cycle 20 Phil-er." And oh my God, the first clip is of Phil pretending to be Johnny Wujek backstage at a shoot, with full lisp. Many of the models look VERY nervous, though there is some serious cracking up when he grabs Jourdan and says, "So you've got thome long legth, huh?" Johnny then walks up behind him, hears it, looks at the camera and goes, "…Wow." He adds, "My lisp is not that bad, you dick." Eventually Johnny gave Phil his hat, so I guess he wasn't too mad about it. Meanwhile, where's the footage of Phil doing a Chlea impression? You know it happened.

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