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And then the dudes got waxed, to the great hilarity of all. Kelly waxed Cory's nature trail, and he bore it as best he could. There was more to judging that week than we saw originally, as Marvin admitted that his "youthful exuberance" could come up at unexpected times. In his kinky sex photo with Chlea, he admits to Tyra and the panel that he got aroused, but claims not to have had a boner. Rob tells Marvin that he needs to learn to control that, and then Tyra claims that when they did photo shoots together last cycle Rob sometimes moaned a little bit. Rob says that's wishful thinking on Tyra's part, and then Tyra demonstrates what he does, with Marvin. And then Marvin gets a boner AGAIN and everybody laughs at him AGAIN. Maybe he needs to take whatever the opposite of Viagra is. And then, despite being the original Marvin boner-giver, Chlea was sent home, like somebody insignificent.

Don was rattled by being in the bottom two, and only cuddling could ease the pain. We see him snuggling up to Alexandra on the couch, and he tells us that they both have anxiety issues and have been vibing off of each other. In a super chopped-up and slapped together Frankenstein of sound bytes, we hear that Don has a girlfriend but thinks Alexandra is super sexy and is the woman in the house he's most attracted to. Alex also has a boyfriend, but thinks that Don is the nicest and best looking guy and admits that there are some hidden feelings. And some not hidden cuddling.

Then there was the spinning platform runway show! The models walked under the watchful eye of Marvin Scott Jarrett, editor in chief of Nylon magazine. Phil did a great job, but in the end Jourdan was named winner of the challenge. And then the models explored trailer park chic in a local mobile home community, giving Phil a chance to practice his ignorant hick impression. Everyone started questioning Mike's ice cream truck to model journey, and he was axed.

Then it's time for another Phil-er! We all know about Phil and Jiana's romance, but apparently Phil wouldn't share her with anybody - even another girl. In top flirty moment #3 (wait…a top flirty moment that is ALSO a Phil-er? Can it BE?) Jiana and Renee took a bath together and invited Phil to join them. Oddly, he did not, and asked for a hand check. A bunch of boys hovered around to watch the bath, and Jiana said that her spark with Phil is often drowned out by how goofy they both are. And also his ill-timed chatter about his girlfriend, I would add.

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