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And then in a moment that is not deemed a Phil-er but sure seems like one, Phil gets into the mind of Jourdan and narrates as she gazes at her best-of-week photo displayed as digital art. He takes a moment to interview seriously that no one stands out like Jourdan, and that she's a threat to a lot of people. He then makes fun of her obviously gazing at her reflection in the window, and she finally hears him and tells him to fuck off when he says (in Jourdan character), "I'm going to go to bed now…there's mirrors there." And then he thinks it's cool that she can handle that, making the real story here Phil's begrudging respect for Jourdan.

The models then had their cross-dressing Questionable body spray photo shoot, which was a serious win for Cory. Kisses were involved, and Starvin' Marvin infamously licked Renee's face and she admitted she liked it. Back at the house, the models played a game called "Truth, Tooch or Dare." The rules are obvious. Nina got a dare to kiss her crush, and wisely laid one on Cory. Marvin was sad that he didn't get a kissing dare, and instead was challenged to slide down the runway slicked with baby oil. He refused, noting that it would irritate his sensitive skin. So delicate, that one! Phil got a dare that said, "Eat the rest of the cheesecake brownies, you fatty" and told us that he loved the game. Chris got a "Fuck, marry, kill" truth and chose Jourdan for all three, and then we had top flirty moment #2. Jeremy was dared to kiss someone of his choice for five seconds and chose Jiana. She wondered why everyone was so obsessed with kissing, and then held her lips still against Jeremy's for five seconds to fulfill his dare. The others were NOT impressed, and Chris highlighted this as an example of how to tell that a girl is not into you.

Some of the ladies formed a band with curling irons as their microphones, and sang a wishful song about not going home. Meanwhile, the guys played foosball all mellow and stuff, leading them to wonder what's up with estrogen. Sadly, band member Alexandra did indeed go home, saying that everything happens for a reason and if she's meant to come back she will. And then she did!

We are then treated to some videos in response to Tyra's entreaty for people to send in a dance routine that included a tooch, booch, no neck monster, smize, and xx20 all while using the music from Cycle 20. For all of you who actually heeded this call and made it on this show, I hope you're happy with yourself. Bonus points to the guy on crutches, though.

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