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Some say that imitation is the best form of flattery, and we get to see Marvin and Phil doing their best to "flatter" the panel in a previously unseen confessional. Marvin does a passable Rob, and then Phil does Kelly with a shrill, "Who has hair on their chest? This is modeling!" Marvin's Bryanboy is sort of epic, and then they also imitate video commentary by unknown fans. Marvin's Tyra involves a lot of neck-wagging and finger pointing, and may even make Phil a little nervous.

And then it's time to talk about healthy eating. While Cory tosses his salad too hard, we learn that Chris's beauty secret is raw eggs. The others are grossed out, though Chris claims it works, which I suppose is evident in how glowing his skin looks. And you may remember how, in supporting evidence of the hearty rivalry between guys and girls this cycle, the dudes taped the ladies' clothes to their beds and ceilings and everywhere else? Well, it turns out that the girls found a way to get back at them: tampons. Everywhere. They toilet papered everything they could, then spread tampons and maxi-pads all about. Marvin asked, "Are these real tampons?" while Phil used them as torpedoes. And then things went too far with the clowns that terrified Kanani. She took a puff of the inhaler, and then had to go to a nail art photo shoot. While the guys wondered how girls do anything with long nails (a question that I, too, wonder sometimes), Jeremy and Kanani struggled mightily in their shoots. Backstage, they cried, and for good reason since they were both eliminated.

Pranks are always funny, says Tyra, until someone is eliminated because of them. In the shuttle on the way home, fingers were being pointed in every direction as Jiana gave the guys a hard time about the whole clown situation. And, I mean, was it REALLY the clown-o-phobia that got Kanani eliminated? Marvin says that he can't deal with Jiana's yapping and tells her to shut up, saying that the guys have already acknowledged the fact that they're assholes. In an interview, Marvin confesses the deep dark secret that he likes Jiana and her body is nice, but she's a little too loud for him. He characterizes his feelings for her as second grade love, where if someone thinks they're pretty you push them in the mud. Cory tells us that Marvin is a sweet guy, but Jiana is definitely not into him -- a thing that everyone with both eyes and a brain (a group of which Marvin is not a member) already knew.

Then there was the challenge where everyone had to run naked down Melrose Avenue. Marvin started feeling the pressure and got peeved that Chris had a higher score than he did. The two engaged in a fairly unenjoyable battle of the wit(less), and Marvin's harsh words were too much for the other models. Jourdan tells him that Tyra would never approve of picking someone apart like that, and plus they all have acne. Marvin says that where he comes from, if someone attacks you, you come at them with all their flaws. Did Chris attack him, though? In any case, Cory says that Chris brings out the ugly in people, and Marvin looked like an ass yelling at him like that.

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