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Oh! And then we get "Top Models in Action!" Season one's Shannon is signed with Elite Model Management, and has been busy posing for publications like Teen Vogue. In 2007 she married a fellow model, and they were featured in some sort of wedding magazine. And hey! This means that Shannon can finally bang and be banged! Oh, good for her.

The judges deliberate. Analeigh is interesting, says Tarina, who is interested to see what she'll do next. Samantha is showing potential, but needs a makeover. Hannah is very charming, says Nigel, who is apparently a terrible judge of charm. Her picture is good, but it's not fantastic. Nikeysha's face is lovely in her photo, but otherwise is not good. Tarina brings up what a weirdo Nikeysha was at the challenge. Nigel postulates that Nikeysha is so skinny because she exercises her mouth so much. Lauren Brie has one of the best pictures in Top Model history. Sheena was vulgar during the challenge, says Tarina, and Paulina cracks on how Sheena forgot that her breasts aren't real. However, she gets points for admitting the truth in the end. McKey has some potential, but Miss J. thinks they might have to box it out of her. Clark did better than expected, but needs to de-orange. Isis' photo was okay, but she's falling apart in person. Marjorie's picture is good. Elina's is fantastic, and Tyra thinks she looks like she's in Top Model advance prep school. Brittany has a lot of potential that she didn't use. Tyra says that Brittany hasn't yet proved that she can be high-fashion, but she has proved that she can make a million dollars a year doing catalogue. Joslyn's photo was great. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

Thirteen beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has 12 photos in her hands. And they represent the 12 girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name to be called has the best photo, and of course it's Lauren Brie. She'll get her photo displayed digitally in the house. Elina is called next, followed by Joslyn, Marjorie, McKey, Samantha, Sheena, Hannah, Clark, Brittany, and Analeigh. This leaves Isis and Nikeysha in the bottom two. Oh no, not Isis! I still maintain that she was thrown off by her hormone shots. In any case, Nikeysha's film has been mediocre for two weeks. The issues that the judges have with her have to do with her interrupting all the time, which she tries to do again until Tyra shuts her down. She needs to learn to listen. And then there's Isis, who was at the top of the pack last week. When she walked in to the judging room, she did not look like a model at all. And when the judges see that, they wonder if her good pictures are just a fluke. However, it is Isis who gets the photo. She gives Nikeysha a hug before going to take her photo.

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