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As Isis walks up to Tyra, Nikeysha says that she guesses she'll go home and be an anesthesiologist. You can guess how well Tyra likes that. Nikeysha starts going on about how she really wants to model, and Tyra tells her twice that there's truth in jest before telling her to shut the hell up and let Isis have her moment. Tyra then gives Nikeysha a hug. Nikeysha laments that she didn't get to show Miss J. her walk. Tyra tells her to hurry up and do it. Her walk is nothing special, and Tyra dismisses her, all the while thinking, "Don't let the door hit you in the mouth when you leave. Or perhaps do." In her exit interview, Nikeysha blubbers and blathers on so long that the credits roll and a clock starts ticking. Those poor editors.

Next week: makeovers, bitches!

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