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Inside, Sheena and Brittany have a couple of words with Hannah. Sheena says that originally her impression was that Hannah was sweet and friendly, however she deliberately pushed someone and it was rude. Hannah then says that she doesn't appreciate when people come and start dancing on her. Wait, who was dancing on her? It's not like Isis waltzed over and was about to start humping her like Akon. Well, no matter, because bigger things are about to happen. Hannah calls herself "the stereotypical white person." Girl, we crackers have a hard enough time without you telling the rest of the world that we're even lamer than they think. Brittany asks what a stereotypical white person is, and Hannah says that she doesn't really like rap music, and she's not loud. For example, she doesn't go into a room and scream, "HEY!" with her boom box behind her ear playing someone with the prefix "Li'l" in front of their name, and drinking a Colt 45. I mean, seriously. Sheena and Brittany are not amused. Brittany interviews that she does not appreciate the ignorance, and just because she's black she doesn't go around snapping her fingers all day and saying, "Heeeeyyyyy!" There is no certain way to act black, she says. One certain way to act white for sure, though, is to start crying when called out on the fact that you're being offensive, and this is exactly what Hannah does when Brittany and Sheena tell her that she needs to be more conscious and aware of what she's putting out there. Hannah interviews that she was frustrated because she was being honest with Brittany and Sheena, and they were trying to get a reaction out of her. She whitey-bucktooth-sobs to the two of them that she really wasn't trying to offend anyone. Brittany tells her, quite correctly, that she has to be careful of how she comes across. As teary Hannah looks evermore like an albino rat, we head to commercials.

When we return, the model house is still ablaze with talk of TranShoveGate. Brittany and Sheena share details of their talk with Hannah with Nikeysha and Joslyn, neither of whom are all that crazy about Hannah calling herself the whitest whitey in Caucasio, Alaska. Joslyn interviews that things in the house are beginning to change as people question whether Hannah is prejudiced. One thing everyone can agree on, however, is that Isis knows how to handle a situation and is very secure.

And speaking of Isis, she tells us that in order to keep up her transition she has to take hormonal injections. You would think that someone would have figured out a way to run an IV through one of Isis' giant hoop earrings. Isis thinks that Analeigh is pretty cool, so asks if she will keep her company and distract her as she gives herself the injection. Analeigh agrees, and even busts out her award-winning chicken impression. See! Not all white girls suck. Analeigh has redeemed my people with just one cluck. After the injection is through, Isis notes that she's getting nauseous. Analeigh, for her part, takes it as a huge compliment that Isis asked her to be there, and thanks Isis. Aw, I want to give both of them big hugs right now, in part because neither of them is a) Hannah; or b) droning on about Hannah.

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