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Benny and Tarina give the girls their critiques. He tells Isis that she's stuck in her head, and reminds her that every emotion that goes through your head while you're modeling shows up on your face. Perhaps that's why the most vacuous girls always seem to make the best models. Tarina doesn't know what was up with Hannah and the chandelier. Nikeysha is memorable, but in a way that doofuses are memorable. Sheena did not show the appropriate level of respect for her pink plastic handbag when she put it in her cooch. Designers don't want to see their pieces in your piece. The winner of the challenge was innovative, and gave some poses that Tarina could see being used in her next campaign. And the winner is Elina! First a kiss with Clark and now a challenge victory! Elina is on fire! Next, she'll pose on a mountain of tempeh and become the new face of meat substitutes. How could a girl ask for more?

Back at the house, there is more Tyra Mail: "You wanna be on top? Then you'd better start climbing that ladder. Love, Tyra." There is no time for speculation about the meaning of this Tyra Mail, because everyone is still too busy talking about Hannah. Nikeysha says that she hates when people act like their own race. For example, Hannah's white, and acts white, and LIKES acting white. Jerk. Joslyn says that Hannah might be trying to be slick on the cool. As a white person, I actually really don't understand what that means. Maybe I'm part of the problem, too! Nikeysha interviews that a lot of the ethnic girls are feeling negative energy from Hannah, and think that maybe she's throwing out the race card. Hannah, for her part, complains to some of the other white girls that it's wrong for people to talk about others when they're not even there to defend themselves. It's like murdering their reputations slowly, she says. Mmm... Hannah... slow... murder. Meanwhile, Sheena seems to hit a chord when she says that Hannah is discriminating. The women of color -- minus Isis, it is notable to add -- decide that it's time to call a house meeting. Sheena interviews that if there's nothing wrong about you, and you have nothing to hide, you will not be afraid to address it. I think we all know where this is heading: dance off! Stereotypically, Hannah is in trouble.

When the whole group is together, Nikeysha begins to talk about the conversation that Hannah had with Brittany and Sheena. Joslyn likes to murder someone's reputation quickly, and so asks, "Let me put it this way...are you prejudiced?" Hannah interviews that this was a shocker and a blow, and that if Sheena and Brittany had questions about her then they should have said something. She thinks the whole thing is pretty 3rd-grade. But it might not be as 3rd-grade as giving a suspicious laugh as you say that no, you're not prejudiced, then adding, "I'm sorry you feel that I'm racist and prejudiced, but now it's time for me to go to sleep. But thank you for critiquing me. That's cool." The women of color get ├╝ber-frustrated, and Marjorie, on behalf of whiteys everywhere, says that Hannah just feels a little ambushed. Meanwhile, Hannah is crying and Analeigh comforts her by saying that the others just needed something to talk about. Hannah breaks down in the confessional and says that she can't believe that the others are referring to her as a racist, adding, "Wow. That's not very nice." Okay, she is actually the whitest person alive. So maybe she was just stating facts. Commercials.

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