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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Kimberly points out a sign in the bathroom asking the girls to limit their showers to ten minutes to save water. She runs a bath, and a bunch of other girls get in there with her. Not naked, though. What do you think this is, The Real World? Kimberly thinks her sense of humor will set her apart, as she loves to make other people laugh. If that's the case, she's getting a bad edit, because she seems like the Duchess of Dullsville so far. The other girls kindly allow Sarah in the tub, without observing that she's borderline too big to fit.

Saliesha does a mock elimination with Bianca and Lisa. She makes a pretty good Tyra, and even says "be-lon-GINGS" right. But Tyra's ridiculousness is not the point of this scene. The point is that Bianca and Lisa are the next Krystal and Alexis, complete with bitch-slapping. Bianca tells us she doesn't think that Lisa has what it takes to be America's Next Top Model. She says America's Next Top Model is not going to be an exotic dancer. I might add that in her career trajectory, Adrienne Curry has come really close. The more peaceful girls are just chillin'. Chantal says that their view is so beautiful, it brought tears to her eyes, and she's very thankful and appreciative to be there. Awww.

The girls head to their shoot the next day. Jay tells them the shoot is meant to create awareness on the horrible impacts of smoking. Because there's absolutely no awareness about this issue now. ANTM is such a trailblazer! Next up, ANTM takes a stand against landmines. Jay says smoking is still seen as a glamorous thing to do, which is why it affects the modeling industry. Each girl will do two shots. The first will be the girl looking glamorous and puffing away. The second, which will be presented as a reflection in the mirror, will show how bad smoking is for your body and your life. The composite photo, says Jay, will make the bold statement that smoking is ugly. ANTM vet Mike Rosenthal is the photographer.

Ambreal is up first. She does her glamorous shot, then gets made up into "the ugly fatality that is gonna happen as the result of [her] smoking." And...woah! She now is bleeding from the mouth as a result of lung cancer. I mean, Jesus. My grandma died of lung cancer. Jenah, herself a smoker, is next. And woah! She is now bald from chemotherapy. I thought they were just going to, like, look old and wrinkled and stuff. In the makeup room, Heather is staring at nothing for what seems to be a long time. Kimberly notes that Heather is a gorgeous girl, but she can't socialize very well, and something is off. Kimberly's famous way of making people laugh is probably by saying stuff like, "Hey, Heather. Are you hungry? Maybe you'd like an ASS BURGER for dinner! Ha ha ha." Jerk. In all fairness, Heather is acting kind of weird. She acknowledges this, and hopes that people will be a little more lenient if she has moments when she slips up.

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