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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

It's Mila's turn to shoot her photo. She tells us that she tries to make everything fun. And you know what's fun? Losing half your hair from chemotherapy! That's why Walt Disney World is opening its new, extra-fun Chemo Village this fall. Whee! Mila has big long tufts of hair sticking up from her bald wig, and it cracks her up. She thinks she looks like Bozo the Clown. His head was really bulbous too, I guess. She laughs throughout her shoot, and Jay says it was kind of sad that Mila couldn't connect with the true emotion of sorrow and regret. And then...fuck! Janet is a burn victim. I mean, isn't this a little much? Or maybe all the burn victims of the world are just excited that they're finally being represented in the fashion industry. Yeesh. Jay says that Janet shouldn't be feeling sorry for herself; she should be mad that she did this to herself. Except a lot of burn victims, in fact, don't do that to themselves. Chantal looks good in her glamorous pose, and says she's ready to get the competition started. She doesn't know if anyone has dreamt about this more than she has. I'm guessing that in all of her dreams about modeling, she never thought that she'd have a tracheotomy hole. I mean, Jesus.

Meanwhile, Bianca hates Lisa. She thinks she's phony and tries too hard, and there's no need to be someone you're not. Saleisha and Heather pose together to show us the dangers of second-hand smoke. Quelle coincidence that the mildly autistic girl has to pose with someone else. Saleisha tells us it seemed like Heather was uncomfortable being close or touching her, which made her go off into her own world, because she has to worry about herself. We get a merciful break from the tracheotomy holes and the like as Heather and Saleisha just look kind of old and nasty for their second shoot. Whew. Backstage, Bianca asks how they did. Saleisha says that she was putting out, but Heather wasn't putting out enough. Heather says she tried as hard as she could, and she thinks she got at least one good shot.

Kimberly is glamorous and then has a sunken face. Sara is very pretty in her glamorous shot, then suffers from premature aging. Meanwhile, backstage shenanigans! Bianca says she needs her own room, and Lisa tells the makeup crew to watch out for her, because she's a diva. Bianca says she's ready to throw a cell phone. Lisa says she'd better be careful whom she throws it at, because it might get thrown back. Bianca replies, "I'll throw it at your ass." Lisa counters, "It'll come right back at your forehead." It's like dialogue straight out of a Noel Coward play, isn't it? Bianca tells us that she's wanted this since she was thirteen. It's not a game with her, and she'll step over Lisa if necessary. And, as a natural extension, cut her. Commercials.

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