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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The next morning, Lisa tells Mila that she's proud of herself. Mila looks bored out of her gourd. She tells us that she thinks she's getting along with most of the girls and definitely wants to continue the competition and participate more in everything. Ebony, in her bed, says to several of the other girls that Heather is kind of weird. Kimberly replies that Heather has all kinds of disabilities, but this is a competition. Victoria tells us that the other girls talk about Heather behind her back and make fun of her for being awkward, but she doesn't do that kind of stuff. Which is good, but I want her to get to the point where she tells the other girls to shove their Perger in their ass, instead of just sitting there quietly. Kimberly says that Heather must think she's a bitch, because she kind of rolls her eyes when Heather talks to her and doesn't listen. The reason for this, she says, is that she doesn't want Heather to cling to her. Kimberly interviews, "People like that, they cling." And people like you, Kimberly, need blotting papers. That's tough talk from somebody who could fry an egg on her face. Kimberly thinks that girls will push Heather away even more as the competition goes forth, and also doesn't think she can make it past elimination. Heather talks to her mom on the phone. Her mom is really supportive, and tells Heather to stay encouraged and to be sweet to the other girls. She has obviously never seen a gaggle of bitches of such high caliber. Heather says she doesn't feel like she can trust them. Good call. She cries, and we head to commercials.

When we return, we are welcomed to panel by a glamorous black-and-white photo of Tyra smoking. However, upon closer inspection, the smoke forms a skull. What, no tracheotomy hole? To make things more dramatic, Tyra is wearing a belted garbage bag. She talks about the prizes: a contract with Elite, a six-page spread and cover of Seventeen, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl. Judges Nigel Barker, Miss J. Alexander, and Twiggy are back. The girls are evaluated on their Old Navy outfits as well as their photos.

Chantal is first and is wearing too many accessories. The judges like her bedroom eyes and high-fashion quality. Tyra says she was blown away by Chantal's photos, but she does have to watch the bedroom eyes a tad. Jenah's outfit doesn't get raves, because the pockets in her shorts make her look hippy. The judges seem to like her photos, and Jenna notes that she started quitting smoking the minute she got back to the house. Tyra asks how it felt to do the shot, and Jenah says the emotion in the picture is real. Yet another life saved by Tyra Banks. At this point, I've lost count. Ambreal gets points off for her big-ass earrings, even though I think they're cute. Tyra sees "model" in Ambreal's picture, but not when she looks at her in person. Everyone also enjoys the picture where Ambreal is coughing up blood, and Miss J. says, "She did a very good job looking ill." It should be noted that Miss J. and Ambreal have the exact same hairdo.

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