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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Victoria is next, and Tyra says she can feel Victoria's nerves. Twiggy likes Victoria's outfit, and also her photo. She says you'd never know from the photo how shy and insecure Victoria is. Victoria responds that she may be soft-spoken, but she's not insecure. Nigel tells her that if she's going to say that, she has to do it with a smile, or people won't like her, and Twiggy adds that she needs to work on charm. I'm warming up to Victoria, but it's true. Everyone loves the picture of Victoria with the stillborn child. How many times do you get to say that in your life?

Lisa's outfit doesn't get raves, but her picture does. Twiggy says there's a sauciness about Lisa that she likes. And she hasn't even gotten a lap dance yet! Nigel says it's cheeky, sultry, and all the things you want to see in a photo. Not so sultry is Lisa's face tumor, but the judges seem to enjoy it anyway. The judges hate Mila's dress, just like they hate Mila. Miss J. thinks that Mila looks like she just farted in her photo, and Nigel notes that her eyes are kind of blank. Sometimes a good fart has that effect. Tyra says the photo is just of a pretty girl sitting there. Her chemotherapy photo is better, though Tyra notes that Jay said the shoot was more humorous to her than serious. Mila admits that she thought she looked ridiculous, and Nigel tells her that it's a very serious subject. Sarah is next, and gets scolded on her choice of necklace. Her photo is great on both sides, and gets lots of praise. Bianca looks like a model, minus her red hair. Twiggy says that the camera loves Bianca and she's very beautiful, but Tyra would like to see more life in her eyes. Nigel adds that she's a little too posed, and Tyra tells her that she needs to pull or slump. They really enjoy her severe gingivitis shot, however. Tyra tells her to study magazines and look in the mirror.

Janet also gets told to take her necklace off. The Old Navy cheap-ass necklaces department must be freaking out right about now. Miss J. says that Janet looks like a young Angie Dickinson in her photo. Kitten with a whip! Oh, wait, that's Ann-Margret. Janet also is a convincing burn victim. Then we have Ebony, who gets kudos on her look, but not on her picture. The judges think she looks stiff in her glamorous picture, but quite natural with a collapsed lung. Tyra brings up the fact that Ebony is scared of being disliked by the other girls. Ebony says that her confidence can be mistaken for arrogance. And, sometimes, she can be stank. Nigel says that the key is to be yourself. Spoken by someone who obviously hasn't really met these girls.

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