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And, When You're Least Expecting It, Ryan Seacrest

Over in Mamaroneck, New York, we meet Camille's mom. Her father appears in a disco picture from the '70s. She attempts to perform her "signature walk" through her bedroom. This didn't seem to result in any actual work for Camille.

Yoaaaaaaaaaana/ I Love You/ You're The One/ The One For Me/ Doo Doo Doooooooo
One more flashback to Yoanna winning, and we're in New York City. The day after the winner is announced, Yoanna has an entourage waiting to ferry her into an attending town car to take her to her first appearance, on the CBS Morning Show. Well, at least the show's publicist wasn't deranged enough to try to grow the network by insisting that she only do UPN's morning programming (i.e. there is none), but CBS? No one on staff has ever heard of Today or GMA? They're going on right now, at this very time, on the stations that people are actually watching. Not to bring down the big winner. Remember when she was excited? Let's revisit that. And now, over to the weather, and Al.

Hey, she's staying at the Regency, at 61st and Park! A lovely hotel. Her CBS appearance then takes her to Regis & Kelly, which is a very impressive booking. I'm sure her appearance was nice, and I'm also sure ABC didn't give the show the rights to air it. Which is fine. Because I don't care about Regis's golf game at ALL. A shopping spree at Sephora, a shoot at Jane, and a meeting at IMG all appear to happen on the same day, which they actually might have. A staff of people watches as Yoanna learns she's on her way to L.A., where she appears on On Air With Ryan Seacrest. You guys? Call me. I could run this publicity campaign from my house. What's your print buzz? In Touch ONLY? Call me. I won't like it. But I'm really, really good at it.

Yoanna celebrates her twenty-fourth birthday at home in Florida. We fly back in time to watch some photographs of Yoanna decrease in size and scope. Yoga with her sister. "I can't wait to get to work." On the runway still too far ahead to see.

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