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Tyra tries to make us pretend to believe that she drives the Top Model limo. I won't do it! She did a teach with her protégés, and what we didn't see was her working with them on their runway walks. Does she really need to micromanage Miss J. like that? Aimee is pensive and stiff in the walking area, which Tyra thinks is weird because her photos are so strong. Tyra likes Lauren's awkwardness and doesn't want to lose it. Well, I would imagine she'd like to lose SOME of it, at least the part that makes Lauren look like Young Frankenstein. Lose the proverbial bolt in the neck, L-Dawg. But Tyra helps Lauren to explore her fierce awkwardness, and then yells at her not to pose like a little bitch at the end of the runway. Ooh, this is totally how she talks to her staff on The Tyra Banks Show, isn't it? Tyra is disappointed that, even when she ditched all the girly high fashion stuff and tried to "do Lauren," Lauren couldn't even pull off being tough. You've gotta have something on the runway, but Lauren was a big fat nothing stuffed in a red bodysuit. The girls then learned all about posing with pain. A beautiful headache! An evocative heartache! Tyra doesn't mention the fierce menstrual cramps, but I remember. I'll always remember. And then she tells them to play some music in their heads before skipping out of the room. You know, Tyra and Amis are actually not all that much different.

Whitney rebounded from being in the bottom two and living in a house full of skinny straight models, all the while maintaining her healthy self image. Whitney loves muffins, and is going to keep eating them. She tells us that people are always jealous of her curves, and when she chows, there's nothing holding her back. Whitney says that she's working for more than herself -- she's working to change the entire face of the fashion industry. That is one bony face to take on, Whitters. But I guess all true revolutionaries do it one muffin at a time.

The next photo shoot saw the girls depicting musical genres. Stacy-Ann put her energetic self to work as she represented house music, while the photographer explained to Katarzyna and Jay that "emo" is very emotional. Katarzyna, in a choppy wig, took her posing to a new level, while Whitney successfully played against type while portraying grunge. Claire, however, was not even a little bit country, and Aimee couldn't sex it up enough to convincingly portray an R&B singer. Her apparent lack of life experience (read: virginity) was seen as a hindrance by the judges, and so she was eliminated. Claire did a happy dance, while Aimee vowed to work harder.

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