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And then there was the coffee press incident. Fatima made coffee, which Lauren might or might not have thrown out. When Fatima challenged her, the monstrous side of Lauren came out. Seriously, when she goes at Fatima with a finger waving by her waist she looks like she's a member of the Sharks. You don't know where that finger has been, or the damage that she can do with it.

In yet more special unseen footage, the girls go to New York hot spot Libation, where they imbibe in, you guessed it, libations. They start dancing and the, much to Whitney's disgust, they stand on their leather seats -- in stilettos -- and begin humping each other. Whitney doesn't dance like that. Not even with her best black friend? Loosen up, Whit! You know who needs no encouragement to loosen up? Stacy-Ann. She smuggled the complimentary bottle of vodka given to the girls in her trench coat so they could continue the party at home. That is a girl after my own heart.

And finally, the girls partook in a shoot inspired by the off-Broadway sensation Fuerzabruta, which entailed them flapping around like fish in a big, suspended plastic thingy filled with water. Dominique assures us that it was not an easy shoot, but she managed to rock it nonetheless. Fatima and Anya were also graceful and took great photos, while Lauren busted out her Miss Piggy face and Claire 1) almost broke her neck when she face planted onto the plastic thingy; and 2) sucked. Jay says that her aggressive nature didn't work, and she was too stilted. In the end, the lack of variation in Claire's shots led to her elimination. She was pretty sad about the part where she left her baby to be on the show and then didn't win.

Seven bitches remain! There's Lauren, the awkward yet incredibly photogenic punk rock girl from Brooklyn. There's Katarzyna, the sexy stunner from Roslyn, New York. Whitney, the poised and proud full-figured competitor from Atlantic Beach, Florida. Stacy-Ann, the lovely and melodious sweetie from Miami, Florida. Dominique, the strong and self-assured girl from Columbus, Ohio. Anya, the ethereal and effervescent beauty from Honolulu, Hawaii. And Fatima, the indomitable and exquisite girl from Boston. Which one will become America's Next Top Model? The fat one, maybe.

Coming up: Legal trouble threatens to derail Fatima, and Lauren appears to cut off her finger! What will she do if she loses her most dangerous weapon?

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