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Back at the house we see another heated exchange in the hot tub as some girls battled with their rhymes. Oh yeah, it's a rap-off, bitches! Nikeysha spouts some rhymes about the girl who gets eliminated before makeovers needing to deal with it. The irony! The real star of this show, however, is Sam with her mad beatboxing skills! Who knew? Nikeysha interviews that she and Sam aren't Jay-Z and Biggie, but they can lay it down when called upon to do so.

Then there's an out and out war between Isis and Brittany. It's all pillow fighting in rompers from the Victoria's Secret Pink Collection until someone takes things a little too far. Apparently Isis just likes to play and play, and sometimes Brittany wants to have some damn peace and quiet. Isis throws baby powder all over Brittany. If it had been anyone else, Brittany would have beat them down, but since Isis is like her older sister, Brittany refrains. Isis tells us that that she and Brittany have formed a real bond. They sit together on a chair, and Brittany says all she can smell is baby powder. Isis tells her that's better than what she smelled like before and Brittany cracks her on the head.

Then there's McKey. A strong competitor with a unique look, she was misunderstood by some of the girls early in the competition. The girls all sit around and Brittany says that McKey bothers her. Sheena seems surprised. They confront McKey as she passes through the room. Someone says that McKey seems shy, while Sheena adds that they've seen different aspects of her personality but just can't put it all together. McKey says that she works out all the time and wears sweatpants to school every day. She thinks "girly" is the worst insult anyone could give her. Brittany doesn't understand why McKey would then want to be a model, and McKey retorts that models don't have to be girly. Brittany says that McKey is always labeling herself as weird or a tomboy or whatever, which is annoying. Brittany mimics McKey beating up on a pillow and asks what that's about. McKey interviews that she felt attacked, which she did not enjoy. She soon adopted a new motto - "the way to a top model's heart is through her stomach." Unless we're talking Elina, I'm guessing, since McKey is cooking a big slab of meat. McKey makes soup for everyone in the house. Lauren Brie thinks it's a slick strategy, as McKey is making everyone fat. Or poisoning them slash slipping them laxatives or hallucinogenic drugs, in which case she would be my hero. McKey says that she just likes to do nice things for people. Clark is convinced that she's sucking up and, while she'll eat McKey's food, she says the act is getting old and they can see straight through it.

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