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Pixie Dust In The Wind

Next the girls had a runway show with designer Jeremy Scott that was full of surprises! They first learned that they would be blindfolded. And because it had been officially deemed time to get serious and ramp up the competition, one girl would be eliminated immediately after the challenge. No Pixie Dust would save her this time. Errr, spoiler. McKey walked in a dress with a curtain rod attached and lied that she felt amazing. Meanwhile, Jeremy Scott told Sam a hundred times not to raise her dress like a tramp at the end of the runway. It was all for naught, however, as she displayed her opaque-tight-clad bits for all the world to see. And Hannah just looked like a retard. She got the boot, in part so that Jeremy Scott could lambaste Sam over and over again at panel. Hannah exit-interviewed that she had walked her best walk, and if it was that bad, then she can never get worse. I think that's the Pixie Dust talking. Hannah's excited to see her mom and dad, who are proud of her even though she's going to be all wacky on the Dust when they see her next. She learned it by watching them!

And then more bonus footage! Some of the girls decided to size up who was left in the competition. McKey and Marjorie agreed that they loved Isis, who they thought was very sweet. Elina, however, noted that she didn't think Isis looked like a model. In the confessional she elaborated: "I think she looks like a possessed hyena." Not only does Isis not look like a model, says Elina, she actually looks like a dragon. A dragon that Elina would not, for the record, eat grilled with a side of turnip greens. Isis is not tall enough and doesn't have the face for it, says Elina to the other girls. Again, she saves her more raw feelings for the confessional, saying that sometimes if you dump a bucket of makeup on Isis and cover half her face with her hair she might look like a model, as long as she stands still. I am trying to figure out if this rant is related to Elina's mommy issues, or if she's just a bitch. I'm leaning toward the latter. Marjorie interviews that there's an inherent arrogance about Elina. She adds that Elina really wants to be taken seriously, just like every other teenager on the planet. It really is easy to forget that everyone's, like, 18, isn't it?

The next shoot had panel's very own Nigel Barker photographing the girls as they were submerged in the pool. Some girls struggled to find a pose, while Joslyn struggled not to drown. It's evident to Nigel that she can't swim, and he tells her to keep it together. Joslyn is bummed that she couldn't give the sparkle she shows on land. Isis, meanwhile, was worried that the three pairs of undergarments she was wearing to cover her dragon-bits would malfunction and reveal her candle on the water. Mr. Jay realizes this. Still, her performance was poor. Isis confessionalizes that she's been going to the shoots nervous and not really giving her all. Meanwhile, Clark dazzled Nigel with her gaze and her hot-to-trot flirting. Although Sam had a dynamic shoot, she landed in the bottom two because of the whole runway incident. You all remember how it went down with mullet-bags. But it was Isis who failed to live up to her potential and was sent home. Isis confessionalizes her thanks to the judges for seeing something in her, and seems proud that she was able to break a barrier in being on the show. She's ready to model, and prays that everything will fall into place for her.

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