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Top Model Takes It to the Streets

Back at the house, Fatima practices her walking and posing. Marvita, meanwhile, drinks a Colt 45. Oh my God, I am so totally racist for saying that, aren't I? Marvita gives a toast to Amis, and tells us that she's crazy 24-7, 7 days a week. She's not going to try to be somebody she's not. She's there to be Marvita. And we wouldn't have her any other way! But that's us. Fatima would certainly have her another way. She confessionalizes that Marvita is a child who talks and acts ghetto. Everything she does is ghetto, and she's so hood. Oh my God, Fatima is totally racist, too! I will give her that Marvita is now drinking a 40. Fatima doesn't think that Marvita is in the house to become a model. I want her to say that to Marvita's face, so that Marvita can work out some anger management issues on Fatima's ass. Commercials.

It's time for Saleisha's My Life as a Cover Girl! She gets to go to the Cover Girl factory, where she makes like Shirley Feeney and sports a plastic head cap. She grabs a Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer from the production line and applies the burst of sheer, shiny color and juicy flavor right to her kisser. There's nothing she won't try! Never heard the word impossible! This time, there's no stopping Saleisha. She's gonna do it! And by "it" I mean fill out a job application at the factory.

When we return, Marvita tells us that she likes it at the Top Model house. It's a nice spot to live in. However, she says, she's just some chick from the streets that they picked. And now she's here, just taking pictures. She says that the competition is starting to get to her. She knows nothing about modeling, and is maybe too ghetto. Ah, it's like Season 4's Tiffany redux. Tyra strikes again, with her ten weeks of therapy and savior complex! She's like the Mother Teresa of reality TV.

And she delivers mail! "LA is all about your car. NYC is all about your coat. Love, Tyra." Claire suggests that maybe they're going to do a coat drive. I know she's all about do-gooding, but that's a little too much. I like Marvita's theory better: "We thought, maybe we gonna be nekkid. Maybe we gonna be nekkid in coats." I could play that clip all day and night.

The girls head off to meet Jay Manuel, who builds up their confidence straight off the bat by telling them that they look tired. Today, he says, they're stripping away all of the crazy elements that one might deal with when working in the modeling industry. Oh, you mean like extreme make-up and hats made of plastic wedges and paint splattered all over them? Great! What's more, the shot is going to be really tight, with a close-up on the face and a bit of the torso. But of course, there will be a fashion edge to the shoot, as the girls will have paint splattered all over them. Oh. Disregard the comments above. Anya claps when she hears about the paint. It's a nostalgic moment for her, as it was her favorite meal as a child.

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