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Back at the house, the ladies get Tyra Mail of Doom. Someone is going home. Laura says that she'll be devastated if she's cut, since she has so much more to lose now. She may be sweet and country, she says, but the others shouldn't doubt her. Angelea says that the others may have underestimated her, but she can come like a thief in the night to kill this competition and win it. And with that probably-true prediction, we head to commercials. Although, you know, Angelea has been SUPER salty about this show on Twitter, so maybe she doesn't win after all. Oh God, please let it be Allison. I just don't think I can handle the alternative.

When we return, it's panel time! There are prizes, there are judges. Tyson Beckford is the guest judge, and is unfortunately wearing clothes. Tyra introduces Part 1 of the Modelland motion editorial. My concise review is, "It gave me a seizure!" Also, Allison with the blood orange wins. The thumb-sucking scene is included in its entirety, and the whole thing ends with each of the models -- including Tyra! -- saying, "I'm [so and so]. I'm Tookie." At least those are actual words. Mostly.

Angelea is up first for critique, and says that she related to the hurt and pain that she portrayed on camera. And then Tyra, modest as always, says, "She had a very serious emotional breakthrough with me." Yes, speaking the words "I'm Tookie" provided the equivalent of 15 years of therapy with a trained professional! Let's all try it! Tyra says that once Angelea opened up, she was more beautiful than ever before. Nigel was very impressed by Angelea's crying scene, and says it reminds him of a photo that Tyra shot of Angelea in her original cycle. Tyra wanted to laugh and cry while watching Angelea's footage. The laughing, of course, comes from Angelea's whack running. ALT says that Angelea came back from the depths of the well, and is looking magnificent.

Laura is next. ALT says that he didn't expect her to be so strong emotionally when she's usually so bubbly and cheerful. Tyson says that Laura did a fabulous job as an actress, but that sometimes you have to forget that the camera's there. Laura broke the fourth wall with her "TO OKE" bit. Tyra tells Laura that her whipped cream scene was too sexy in the beginning, but then with Tyra's direction to spit rather than swallow it all came together.

Allison is next, and Nigel tells her that he's very impressed. Tyson, however, disagrees. He says that Allison couldn't find the camera, and that her eyes darted around at the beginning. Allison is forced to explain again that she has vampire vision, but was trying to work around it. Tyra wants Allison to figure out what to do about that, since her eyes are her big selling point. When you can't see Allison's eyes, Tyra says, she loses 50% of her strength.

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