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There is Tyra Mail! "Time 2 get ready 4 a different kind of runway. Pack an overnight bag! Luv, Tyra." The girls wonder where they're going. To the airport, for a first step. They board a plane, and Jay Manuel is standing there. He tells the girls that they're going to Queenstown to take advantage of the diverse terrain for their next photo shoot. Raina is, as always, so excited. She notes that Krista has been winning everything, so this is her opportunity to remind everyone how great she is.

Once the plane takes off and reaches cruising altitude, a familiar voice comes over the speaker system. It's Miss J. He asks, "How often do we say you must always be prepared?" It's time to clear the runway for takeoff! The Jays both appear from behind the first class curtain and tell the girls that top models always have to be prepared, and regardless of altitude, turbulence or anything else have to be able to bring personality to their runway walks. Which they will have to do now, because this is a challenge! Raina tells us that doing a runway challenge 35,000 feet in the air is a new experience, and a crazy one at that. As the poor regular people on the plane ponder in the fact that air travel could get even more hellish, we head to commercials.

When we return, Alex clarifies for us that they're going to be using the plane aisle for their runway challenge. After the captain turns off the seatbelt sign, of course. Jay tells the girls that the winner of the challenge gets to walk in New Zealand fashion week, and will also receive $2,000 worth of jewelry from designer Boh Runga. Not too shabby. Miss J. points out that, in past challenges, none of these girls have really delivered in the personality department. Jay Manuel wants them to be realistic -- Tyra has made a career out of bringing personality (and bouncing bosoms) to a fierce runway walk, so there's no excuse for boring, blank faces. They may be hitting a bit of an incline on the plane, but that's how it works. You know, in all the fashion shows that take place on planes during Sky Fashion Week. Angelea -- who has a really fierce zit popping out on the bottom of her chin -- thinks she stands a chance in this one. Alex asks if she should put her heels on. She in fact has heels in her purse, and Jay gives her props for being prepared. Krista tells us that she wanted to punch stupid Alex in the throat for being such a loudmouth about the heels since they would all much rather walk in flats on the altitude-climbing plane. Angelea is half-prepared, as she has only one heel in her purse. How did this happen, we may ask? The only answer is "the magic of Angelea." The Jays are totally going to make her walk in one heel.

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