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The girls land in Queenstown, which is cloudy and green and gorgeous. They drive for about an hour, and see snow-capped mountains, valleys, a river, and sheep. They stop by the water and run in the wind to see Mr. Jay. He tells them that Queenstown got its name because it's fit for a queen. It's also the perfect backdrop for their photo shoot, and in fact will be a main player as part of a "pretty-ugly" concept. The background will be pretty, and the girls will have to provide the "ugly." They'll be styled in extreme hair, makeup and clothes, and will have to push through and sell what they're wearing. Jay notes that this is a tough assignment, and in fact is even tougher than they think -- at the next judging, two girls will be going home. Everyone is quite shocked to hear that, and they start to get nervous. Alex, who isn't quite sure what pretty-ugly is, is getting nervous. Krista tells us that she's terrified and scared, because 50% of the people will be going home. Statistician that she is, she notes that this is a big percentage. As Angelea tells us that this is some drama for our ass, we head to commercials.

And it's the Cover Girl Top Model Lounge! Past faves Laura and Bianca are, as always, there to dish about what just happened. Laura, who is certainly more drunk than she was in the last installment, notes that two girls went home at once on her cycle, and it's an awful feeling -- in fact, the worst feeling ever. "It's like a horror film," she adds. But sadly with less blood. Bianca notes that such a situation could bring anybody down, and now it's really do or die. Also, to add yet another cliché to the mix, it's anybody's game! I guess we'll see who falls under pressure, says Laura, and Bianca adds, "I guess we will." A stimulating and enlightening twenty seconds, as always.

When we return, the girls continue to freak out about the 50% elimination. Raina reminds us how Tyra told her, at last panel, that she didn't make the photo shoot her favorite. She earnestly recounts Tyra's completely sensical advice, which is: "I need to make things that aren't my favorite my favorite. So, I need to work on that." Yes, work on loving things that you don't even like! Eschew opinions! What a splendid idea! The girls head to hair and makeup. Ryan Taniguchi is the hair stylist, and Vincent Oquendo does the makeup, which features a lot of black lipstick. Joanna Konjevod is the wardrobe stylist, and is using a lot of New Zealand designers. Apparently when you want pretty-ugly clothes, you need look no further than New Zealand. Krista tells us that she has to work on bringing emotion to her face, and that at the end of the day she's not going to be happy if Angelea is America's Next Top Model -- she's going to be happy if Krista is America's Next Top Model. And she's got three giant poufs on her head to prove it.

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