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Ugly Americans

Speaking of Krista, she's first to shoot. Monty Adams is the photographer for the day. Krista has black lips and drawn-on very high eyebrows. She's wearing a giant poofy orange skirt with a shiny red jacket and yellow poofy-sleeved shirt under it. It's kind of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I guess is ugly-pretty. Jay loves Krista's broken down poses, and tells her that her eyes are the only thing on her body that are trying to give soft, serene and pretty. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Krista says that she did some extreme, mean faces, but also did soft faces too because she wants a variety. She says that she thinks she did a good job, but isn't sure if it's enough to put her in the final two.

We get to see the stylist aggressively lacing up Angelea's corset. Apparently, it's not so comfortable. Angelea says, "I don't see how they wore those back in the day, trying to be cute." Alexandra is next up to be photographed, and someone tells her that she looks like George Washington's wife. Even in her grave, Martha doesn't appreciate the pretty-ugly designation. Alex herself feels "Sweeney Toddy-y." She tells us that a plus-sized model hasn't won the show in a while, and she wants to represent the "hefty" girls. She wants to do well. Her photo shoot seems to be going okay, and the photographer likes the way she plays with her ring. Jay tells Alex that what she's doing is gorgeous, but isn't quite the creative that he was going for. He says that Alex didn't have the fashion edge that they were looking for. She sort of sets her jaw, and instantly becomes more ugly. This is a good thing, and adds said fashion edge. Alex feels good about her shoot overall.

Raina is next. Jay says that he loves how she looks. Though the average person would say, "What is that?" Jay and his other "fashion people" think it's fabulous. Raina without doubt got the worst hair of the bunch. It looks like it has clothes moth slime in it. Raina also is wearing a corset and can barely breathe, which she describes as being awesome in a weird way. I'll keep that in mind. Jay tells her that over the last few weeks he's been surprised to find her weakness -- she doesn't like to step out of the box. Now is the time to step things up a notch. And yet, Raina is not doing much stepping. Jay tells us that Raina's shots were pretty-pretty, not ugly-pretty and edgy. He keeps asking her to come out of her comfort zone, and she won't. She certainly tries, though. Jay likes that she took direction so well, but wants to see her be able to do some new poses. Raina hopes that she did well enough to stay, and also irritates all the girls in hair and makeup.

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