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Finally, there's Angelea. She says she's going to do what she wants to do, and not overthink it. She has a fashion 'fro, and an anachronistic denim jacket. Angelea is giving a "model" face, and needs a bit more anger or intensity to give her an edge and combat the blandness that she's giving. Angelea notes that Jay called her ass out and put her on blast. It makes her mad when he gives her negative critiques all the time. She wishes he came with a mute button. Oh, honey, you and the entire viewing audience of The CW. Jay wonders if Angelea gets anything that he's saying. She says she does, but it's doubtful if she's actually listening. Angelea finally gets to a few awkward and cool poses, and then the shoot's over. Jay says that when he pushes Angelea he can see that she's uncomfortable, but he's not there to just hang out with Angelea, like they're in the club that she so often likes to imagine. Jay asks Angelea how she was so amazing during her subway shoot. Turns out she was just sick of Jay harping on her, so turned it out. Jay says that he harps so they can get the shot. At some point, Angelea has to find a place where she says, "I'm doing this for me." Angelea tells us that she did all she could do, and in fact thinks she did pretty good. She doesn't seem terribly confident as she says this, though.

Back at home, Krista has a bunch of little blue boxes awaiting her -- it's her jewelry. Because she had the best photo last week, she gets an additional $1,000 worth of jewelry. Krista and the rest of the girls go through the jewelry, and Raina points out that there are several duplicates. Krista does not take the bait, and Raina interviews that Krista is all about herself. She doesn't care about anyone else. I would not give any of those bitches my hard-won jewelry, either. It saves you from having to buy souvenirs for your friends and family!

There is Tyra Mail. Somebody -- nay, TWO somebodies -- are going home. Krista feels sick to her stomach at the thought of going back to being a store manager. Alex also has the nerves, because she wants to be there so bad. She's always been told that she couldn't be a model because of her body type, and so has something to prove. Angelea says that the judges will pick who they will pick, and if it's not her she'll be sad. She's had negative people tell her all her life that she wouldn't amount to anything. She's nervous, but also is proud that she's made it this far. Raina suspects that Krista, who has been killing it over the last several weeks, will make it to the top two, and hopes that she's the other half of that equation. Commercials.

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