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Six young ladies stand before Tyra. Unfortunately, there are only five photos in Tyra's hands, and they represent the girls who are in the running to become America's Next Top Model. Fatima is called first, followed by Katarzyna, Anya, and Dominique. This of course leaves Whitney and Lauren. Whitney has taken great pictures week after week, and Tyra thinks she did a good job on her commercial. But Tyra had to listen to the other judges' comments about her phoniness, because this isn't the first time she's heard such complaints. And then there's Lauren, who wouldn't know how to cover up her real self if somebody paid her a million dollars. But she'll steal that $5 from your back pocket when you turn your head on the subway. She also takes some of the strongest photos of the bunch. But her commercial was dreadful, and the judges felt like she just kind of gave up. So who stays in the competition? It's Whitney. Tyra tells her to leave the pageantry at the door. Tyra gives Lauren a hug. She says that maybe she's a model who's a silent movie actress, but America's Next Top Model has to talk. Lauren hugs the other girls, and I think she actually has a few tears!

Lauren interviews that she knows she did a crappy job, and it sucks to see yourself do so poorly and be embarrassed about it. However, the whole point of her coming to America's Next Top Model was to challenge herself. It was scary at first, but she grew to like it, and now she sees two sides to herself -- the punk side and the dolled up side. Isn't there a side that just likes to wear sweatpants sometimes? Before she never even wanted to model, but now her mind's completely changed. She thinks she has a future in it. Even though she didn't achieve her goal of having a punk girl win America's Next Top Model, she feels like she's accomplished a lot.

Next week: It's the seasonal Tyra-behind-the-camera episode! And there is a posing battle with sticks. Tyra will not rest until one of these girls is maimed!

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