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The lucky twenty who have made it through to the next phase get to meet Cynthia Rowley, who appears to be in a high-fashion straightjacket. She looks insane. Cynthia tells the girls that there has been a strong emphasis thus far on "type," which is in fact really important in the industry. When designers are casting a show, they have a type in mind and cast the show around it. Which actually means that you'd get booked with other girls who are your type, rather than competing against them. Though I guess there's no use in this show starting to have internal consistency at this point. Jay tells the girls that they have been paired up with their most direct competition, and he wants to see who can outshine whom in a photo.

Sara and Esther pose first while the other girls hobnob. Sara looks unbelievable right now, and not at all like the goofy mentally-challenged white rapper she is. This one should be advised to keep her mouth shut. Esther is unimpressive. Anamaria and Chelsey are next, and Jay tells them that Chelsey is taking over almost every shot. Then there's Kayla and Jane. Their collective strong bone structure barely fits in the frame. They both need some work. Archrivals Jordan and Lexie pose together, and Jordan says she was trying to get in her face and be really sexual, but Lexie was standoffish. I cannot say I blame Lexie. Jordan surmises that Lexie just couldn't handle it. I would guess that she prides herself on being cootie-free. Back off, hipster. Ann and Rhianna pose next, and it is languid and dull. Jay tells them that sometimes models pretend to be shocked to give a little energy to a photo. The resulting pose is hilarious. Rhianna still looks stoned, and Ann appears to want to tear into a puppy dog carcass with her fangs. Cynthia Rowley cracks up. Terra and Chris are next, and act surprisingly normal. Kendal and Kacey impress Jay, and then the shoot is over. Cynthia commends everyone on a great job, but the hard facts are that more cuts are to come. Chris and Terra have discussed their situation, and apparently Terra thinks that Chris is going to be the one to get it. Terra says that if she fails, she can't be mad at her sister. Maybe these two would actually be interesting if they gave each other more beatdowns. Commercials.

When we return, Tyra and the Jays sit by the fire and get ready to make their final decisions. Tyra reminds everyone that they're looking for a girl who is worthy of Vogue Italia. Jay loves the elegance and grace of Anamaria on the runway, but notes that she kept falling into the background in her photo with Chelsey. Chelsey, meanwhile, constantly maneuvered to sell the garment and herself. Esther has giant bazooms, but the fact that she could fit into a sample size and hide her bust gives Jay hope that she can work. Sara is the kind of girl who could, like Giselle, transcend the high fashion runway. Seriously, she's amazing looking. Jay likes what Kacey brought to the table over the past few days, but there's a reason she wears her glasses all the time -- bitch has Nordstrom bags under her eyes. She looks really haggard. Kendal is a girl who needs development, and Tyra feels like they could develop her. Of the sisters, Chris has more round features, while Terra is angular. Terra has a strong runway walk, while Chris is stronger at posing. If you could smash them together, you might have a decent model.

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