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The 15th Time's the Charm

The girls head to their rooms, and Kendal is pretty impressed at their digs. She thinks this is all some sort of a hunger-induced fantasy. Sister Chris puts the hotel bathrobe over her clothes and twirls around. I totally do that, and also steal the slippers. It's one of the main incentives to stay at a nice hotel. Terra says that it's important for her to separate herself from her sister, in large part because Chris is kind of an asshole. Meanwhile, roommates Lexie and Kacey waste no time in starting to trash-talk the other girls. Lexie says she hopes that they'll be able to weed out the fake girls but quick. Kacey interviews that Lexie told her that Jordan doesn't want to be in the competition. Kacey does not appreciate that, given that it's her second audition and she really wants it. Like Chekhov's gun and Emily's racism, this point of contention will go off in an upcoming act.

The girls hang out on the patio and Tyra comes out to greet them. She looks fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that I think she's maybe had a little work done. Her face is very, very smooth, and her eyebrows seem to have risen a quarter-inch since last season. But maybe it's just the pilates. Tyra tells the girls that Cycle 15 is unlike any other in the show's history. They're actually looking for a model this time! Consider yourselves warned. Tyra created Top Model because she wanted to bring modeling to the masses, but now she thinks that we're ready for high fashion. No cookie-cutter prettiness! It's editorial from here on in. Tyra wants to inspire all the funny-looking girls in the world, per usual, as well as all the bitches and drama queens and fame whores. It's a noble mission, to be sure. Ann thinks that the high-fashion aspect of this competition will work to her advantage, as she's been told she looks high-fashion. High-fashion zombie, perhaps, but high-fashion nonetheless. Tyra reveals this year's supersized line-up of prizes, and the Italian Vogue spread and Beauty in Vogue spread and cover get quite a reaction. Vanessa frames her face and says we've got our cover right there. Or maybe a new addition to Ann's taxidermied head collection.

The girls then shuffle off to meet the Jays for an initial runway walk. Part of this will be to teach the girls how to stand out from their direct competition. Clothing from Cynthia Rowley has been flown in, and the girls change into it. Chelsey, 22 from Boise, says that she's had some experience on the runway -- in Idaho? -- and has loved Cynthia Rowley since she started modeling. Chelsey has a bit of an Anna Paquin thing going on, but with the distinct disadvantage of looking kind of haggard. The rock n' roll lifestyle of a potato model takes its toll.

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