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The "quirky" girls walk first. These include Lexie, Jordan and Ann. Jordan says she's doing her best to stand out. This entails standing in the center, walking two steps ahead of everyone, and cocking her hips from side to side at the end of the runway. Miss J. says he needs a stripper pole and chair for her, then mocks her walk. Jordan is not amused. There are several girls who walk in the "sexy" category, and two who have strong bone structure. One of these is Jane, 19 from Baltimore. She wants to bust out her notebook and learn everything. She's a total newbie to modeling, but wants the Vogue cover. Jay tells Jane and Kayla, the other strong bone structure contender, that they look mean. Next we have the three nondescript blondes. Chelsey thinks that she's got it going on, and that her freckles and the gap in her teeth make her different. Miss J. does seem to like her. There are four brunettes, including Vanessa. She tells us that she came from a very affluent family, and was dubbed the "rich bitch" in high school. She goes on to say that she was in the "attractive girl" group, and that she's used to getting what she wants. I think Vanessa thinks she's auditioning for Hellcats. Jay tells the girls that he's excited, because there's some strong potential in the group.

The girls head to some random holding room, where Kacey has a question for the group. She asks, "How would y'all feel if there was somebody here that doesn't want to be here already." Lexie is kind of shitting her pants as Kacey points to her to reveal the details. Lexie says that Jordan said she and her friends think it's funny that she's there, since they don't want to buy-in to pop culture. Jordan enters the room, and Kacey confronts her about the "misunderstanding" that she doesn't want to be there, which is bound to piss every girl off. Jordan doesn't seem to say much, and Lexie realizes that Kacey is shit-stirring at her expense. Vanessa tells Lexie that she should be thinking about how she can become a better model instead of focusing on why other girls are there. That gets a round of applause, and I can't really say it's undeserved. Lexie feels like she's been used as a pawn of Kacey's, and doesn't trust her for a second. Probably better to come to this realization earlier rather than later. With this, we head to a commercial break.

When we return, it's time for each girl to talk to Tyra and the Jays. Tyra reminds the Jays that the girl who wins the competition this season will be a name in the fashion industry, and so they have to make sure they're behind her 100%. It's not just the public that has to like her, Tyra says. It's the fashion industry. And their reputations and names, such as they are, are on her. One person you might not want to stake your name and reputation on is Kayla, who can't even find her way in the room. She finally makes it in, and Tyra barely gets through her basic info before noting that her hair is whack. Kayla gave herself the Lord of the Rings elfin dye job before Tyra even got a chance, then styled herself after the fashion of an Ogilvy Home Perm model. Tyra sends Kayla off to wet her hair and comb it, then come back in. Jay thanks her, and then Kayla struggles to find her way out of the room. Hint: try the door.

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