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The 15th Time's the Charm

While Kayla is off fixing herself, Tyra and the Jays talk to Kacey. Miss J. tells Kacey that he just got a text from her boyfriend, who's with Isis right now. We flash back to Kacey displaying a bit of transphobia in her Cycle 11 audition round. That was tough talk for someone with a Fred Jones jaw. Kacey says that this is Cycle 15, and she feels like she has a clean slate. The use of flashbacks indicates that she obviously doesn't. Kacey walks in her swimsuit, and she kind of looks two-dimensional. She just doesn't have much shape to her, despite being in the "sexy" category.

Kayla comes back in with her straight wet hair, and everyone thinks she looks a lot better. I mean, I guess it's relative. Tyra prompts Kayla to reveal that she slept in a sleeping bag until the age of 13, because her family didn't have any money. But trailer floors are cushioned, right? The bed was taken by Kayla's mom and her boyfriend. It's pretty cold to kick your kid to the floor so you can do the nasty in comfort right next to her. Let's hope they had enough money for earplugs. Kayla says that because she grew up with a single mom that didn't have much, she's extremely determined and hardworking. Also, malnourished. She suspects that a lot of the others underestimate her, and adds that she may be a sweet girl, but she has her gameface on. If not being able to find her way in or out of a room is part of her gameface, I think she may actually win this thing. Tyra thinks that Kayla is sweet and endearing, and wants to give her a hug. Mostly she's just happy that she's found someone who won't complain about sharing a twin bed in a room with 13 other girls.

Next up is Rhianna, and Tyra likes her immediately. Rhianna is like the love child of Drew Barrymore and Janis Joplin. She's wearing a really awesome caftan and an absolutely hideous hat. Also, she's baked. Tyra says that some people would think that Rhianna lost her mind by wearing that hat, but Tyra thinks she lost her mind all the way into rightness. That sounds like projecting and rationalizing all at once. Nice try, Ty-baby. Rhianna is a big fan of nature, and explains that she gets most of her posing inspiration from plants. On command, she does a cactus, and then a weeping willow, and then a tumbleweed. The panel ruptures into spontaneous orgasms. Rhianna (who must have her crotch blurred as she goes into the tumbling part of being a tumbleweed) says that she can look weird and eccentric very easily, and she in fact loves looking like a freak. Rhianna may actually be a ringer. We don't get to see her in her swimsuit, but her legs are fantastic. If she takes her shtick down by about a third, she could emerge as a favorite.

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