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The 15th Time's the Charm

When we return, racist Emily of the unlocked diary goes before panel. Tyra wastes no time in bringing up the recent controversy. Emily admits that she wrote, "Almost got roomed with a black girl -- ew." She explains that she didn't mean it in that way, and that she was referring to a specific girl who had made her mad, and whose name she didn't know. At least she didn't say "negro." Emily says it wasn't written right, and starts crying as she adds that it's embarrassing and hurts to know that people think she'd be a big fat racist. She interviews that she doesn't think that what happened should have any bearing on her status in the competition. Miss J. says that Emily is absolutely gorgeous, and Tyra thinks /hopes that she learned a lesson.

Next up is Liz, 21 from Arlington, Texas, who embodies all of my adolescent Martika fantasies. Tyra and the Jays love her strong, masculine bone structure, but her over the top hair and '80s prom dress and accessories aren't helping matters. They tell her to go out of the room and come back in her swimsuit. In the interim, we get Jane, 18, from Baltimore. She came to the show through, and is a student at Princeton. Jane wanted to start horseback riding, and so her parents built her a barn with some horses. Apparently she also wanted to look like a low-rent version of a Charlie's Angel, and so her parents bought her a strapless blue romper. Miss J. throws out a high-pitched, "She is just so privileeeeeeged?" Jane gets the impression that she gives off the impression of being a rich Ivy Leaguer. She doesn't think that coming from a well-to-do background is a bad thing. Given her cheeks and teeth, we can presume that Jane is the daughter of some very high-end chipmunks.

Liz comes back cleaned up and wearing her bathing suit. We learn that she has a one-year-old baby, works two minimum-wage jobs, and is a full time college student. She gets food stamps and a whole variety of government assistance because she is, as she says, "Making $7.50 an hour and living in the hood right now." I love this girl, despite the fact that she seems to have a tan-line Playboy bunny symbol on her stomach. Optimistically, I guess it could be a stretch mark. Tyra says that what Liz is doing is noble, and that sometimes you need a little help. Jay notes that Liz seems balanced and very together. This probably means that she'll be out by the third episode. Liz interviews that some of the other girls are like, "Oh my life! Blah blah blah!" and while she doesn't think she lived the worst of the worst and isn't on the street, she's definitely been through some hell. But she's trying to get to heaven and so wants to let it go. Tyra thinks that Liz is really pretty but also hard, which is a good combination.

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