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And then it's time to remember why Isabella's on the show! She opens up a big bag which is chock full of medicines. London explains that when she saw Isabella and her pharmacy bag in semi-finals, before she knew that Isabella has epilepsy, she kind of thought she was a big-ass drug addict. I'm sure London is disappointed, as the chance to lead member of the flock back to the fold on national television only comes along once in a great while, unless you're Dr. Drew. Isabella has three months worth of medication, which is very optimistic of her. She tells us that she knows she has to deal with her epilepsy on a day-to-day basis, and that it might affect her at any time. Her seizures can be scary, but she says that epilepsy is something that she lives with, and not who she is. Meanwhile, we are reminded that when Sandra's eyes roll back in her head it's because she's actually a demon. When Isabella asks what's going on with the bed situation, Sandra says that she and Celia are going to share a bed. Celia has other plans, which do not involve sleeping with Sandra. Before things get out of control, London takes this opportunity to exemplify the Lord's way and volunteers to sleep on the floor. Behind her, Celia is making what is possibly the ugliest face in the history of Top Model. But that's not the point, unless it's underscoring the fact that she's a heathen. Jesus is the point. London interviews that, honestly, she knows she'll have a bed eventually. Because the Lord provides for those who wear His leopard-print tights!

Some of the other girls, ingrates that they are, lament the fact that they have no pool or Jacuzzi. Talk quickly turns to Tahlia's scars, which the others are curious about. She recounts the story of the coffee pot, and then interviews that she wants to be a role model for kids who are like her. She tells the others that she's been bullied and humiliated and made fun of. Well, then, she should be used to what she'll encounter in this house. Jessica thinks that Tahlia is really brave, just like the blind guy on American Idol. And speaking of, can we do a reality crossover and let him partake in the makeover episode? Kthx.

The girls get their first Tyra Mail of the season! It is in elegant Upper East Side font. "Get ready to bridge the gap between good and bad. Love, Tyra." Isn't that sort of the raison d'etre for this show? Fo is thinking they might be superheros on a bridge. And lo, Fo! They do indeed roll up to the 59th Street Bridge! Fo is feelin' groovy about her psychic powers right now. The Jays are waiting, and London interviews that any time she sees those two boys she knows something is going to happen. She does not comment on how the Lord might feel about that particular kind of something. Jay announces that they're at Guastavino's, one of New York's hot spots, and the site of fashion collections from major designers including Christian Dior. Tonight the girls will get to see what a real runway show is like up close and personal, and Jay wants them to meet the designer, Laura Poretzky from Abaete. Laura thanks the girls for coming and says that she hopes they'll enjoy the show... because they'll be in it. Allison immediately thinks that she's going to die. Hopefully for her it will be a bloody death. There is a "bad girl/good girl" theme to the collection. Tres original! Each garment has an element of innocence and an element of naughtiness, which the girls will have to portray.

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