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Celia is next to go before panel. Tyra loves her outfit, and also her photo. She says that Celia is not a commercial-type girl, but her hula hoop photo could be in Seventeen. All of the judges seem to find it miraculous that she learned to hula-hoop on the spot. Triumph of the spirit, part infinity! Fo is next. Nigel thinks that her photo is adorable, but Paulina says that it doesn't capture Ring Around the Rosie. How do you actually even play Ring Around the Rosie? Perhaps it's a game that all European children play with dour expressions on their faces and a heart full of despair? Tyra thinks that Fo looks adorable but not like a model. As one of the shorter girls there, she needs to figure out a way to make herself look long and lean.

Aminat is next. Tyra likes her outfit with the exception of her giant hoop earrings. Aminat takes them off, and instantly looks like a model. On her London Bridge photo, Miss J. tells Aminat that she has to watch her gangly legs, which might tend to get a bit tangled up. Paulina doesn't think that Aminat's face works in the photo, and Tyra agrees. She loves Aminat's face as she's being judged, however, and wants her to bring some of that same vulnerability to her photos. London is next with her tug-of-war photo. Tyra tells London that her panel outfit and hair make her look crazy. This is why her gospel preaching is so effective! Nigel thinks that London's photo is fantastic, and Tyra is impressed at how she found the light. She also thinks that London looks free, like she doesn't yet have to pay taxes. Methinks the IRS has not been so fierce to Tyra recently.

Next up is Jessica. Her angles are gorgeous, but have nothing to do with playing jacks. Paulina doesn't know what jacks is, but from the photo would guess that you play it by standing around and looking fierce. Her photo is good, but it's not enough. Teyona looks great from head to toe in her hopscotch photo, according to Nigel. He says it's the epitome of this week's theme. Miss J. isn't crazy about Teyona's head placement and Tyra notes that Teyona has a small head, which looks even smaller when it gets farther away from the camera. She needs to push her small head forward. Isabella is next, and her dodgeball shot looks more like dance than anything, according to Nigel. He doesn't get it, and thinks she looks a bit of a mess. Tyra notes that Isabella struggled, and her face was even blocked in many shots by other parts of her body. She has to learn where the camera is. Her face can sell a lot of great things, but if she can't model it's all for naught. Frankly, I'm losing my craving for Model Fierce Corn Flakes.

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