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Nijah is next, and her musical chairs photo looks a bit like she's playing hopscotch. However, it's one of the best face and hair shots so far, according to Tyra. It embodies innocence and sweetness, and she has a sparkle in her eyes and her smile. Kortnie is next on the monkey bars. Tyra thinks it's nice, but for her majorette-like left leg. Paulina agrees that it looks like she just escaped from the parade. Next there's Allison. Tyra thinks that her double dutch photo is adorable -- wide-eyed, innocent, but still looking like a model. Or a woodchuck. Or a creepy dead ghost twin. Nigel says she looks a little caught in headlights, but he likes it. Miss J. mumbles that it's not double dutch for him. Tyra notes that this is because the stupid bad girl extras were too tired to swing the jumpropes. She tells Allison and the other models to command their shots and make sure their extras don't sabotage them.

Next there's Tahlia and her tag photo. She has a funky left leg, too. Tyra tells her to run in circles when she's about to go out of the parameters of a frame. But no one really cares all that much about Tahlia's photo. They care about her issues! Tyra notes that Tahlia was upset about being covered up at the fashion show. Tahlia replies that her feelings caught her off-guard, and adds that she might not have prepared herself well enough for what the modeling industry may want and need from her. This would include hiding her scars or, conversely, not hiding her scars. Paulina calls Tahlia brave, and says that she needs to be in the forefront and show girls that they can be beautiful with scars. However, Tyra wants to break it down honestly for Tahlia. There are some designers who will book her because she's beautiful, but will want to cover the scars. Then there are designers who will book her BECAUSE she has the scars and flaunt that. These are the same designers who hire Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton to be in their shows.

Last up is Natalie. She is wearing a stupid skinny headband, and when she takes it off she has a stupid skinny red mark on her forehead. Nigel basically tells her that she's an idiot. Tyra thinks that Natalie's leap frog photo is stunning and that she has natural ability. Paulina disagrees, saying that she can't really tell how much potential Natalie has from this photo. And with that, the evaluations are complete and the goddesses-in-training must head back to the holding room and await their fates.

The judges deliberate. Sandra looks lost in the woods in her photo, according to Paulina. Nigel thinks she's very nervous, but one of the most beautiful girls there. Celia is missing two fingers in her photo, according to Miss J. Paulina replies that if he's getting that nitpicky, it means it's a really great shot. Miss J. is trying to find something modelesque about Fo. It for sure is not her neck. Nigel thinks that Fo is super-cute, and it works in the photo. Aminat was brilliant on the runway, according to Paulina. However, she looked the same on the runway as in her photo, and both Tyra and Paulina are concerned that she's one note. Well if it's a really good note, who even needs a melody? London's shot is good, but Nigel thinks she's quite wide in the hips and doesn't have good proportions. Paulina agrees. Tyra sees London as a commercial model. Jessica's shot is not great, and her face looks average. She is one of the dreaded girls who relies on pretty, according to Miss J. Teyona has loads of potential, according to Paulina, but in her photo she looks like she's being sucked up by UFOs. Tyra laughs nervously. She likes Teyona's wind-tunnel face. Nigel coins the term "wind in the face," which is bound to revolutionize the industry.

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