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What The Divas Are Doing Now

Toccara tells us she was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and that going home is a safety net because everyone knows her. As a contrast, Eva likes to go into houses full of total strangers and scare the crap out of them. HA HA HA HIEEEEEEEEEE! We see Toccara's fun family, and learn that she got her personality from her mama. Her mom prances out of the kitchen and says, "It ain't her father." I want Toccara's family to adopt me! People call Toccara's mom and say, " cooking?" And if she is, it turns into one big family gathering/feeding frenzy. We see Toni in a housecoat and headwrap, frying bacon. That is awesome. At the kitchen table, Toccara's father says if you want to be full-figured, this is how you get there. Toccara laughs.

But wait a second! I thought Toccara's family paid the weekly rate at the Hotel de Crackhouse! I thought her family sucked in some vague yet horrible way that was never explained! Something strange is going on here. Maybe I don't want Toccara's family to adopt me after all. I am going to call a nebulous LIE #30.

Now Toccara is in L.A., guest starring on All of Us, and, as she says, "getting paid." There's a clip of her on the show and she's kind of bad, but not nearly as bad as Yaya was on Eve. She laughs that this is going to be her new career. Post-taping, she runs out on stage and the audience gives her a big cheer. She tells us that she likes her life. Toni, Toccara's mom, says that she wants the world for Toccara. You can tell that she loves Toccara so much. OR CAN YOU? Toccara tells us to look out, because we'll be seeing a lot more of her. If she keeps eating all that bacon, we will!

Next is Magdalena. Who? Exactly. Oooh. She is rough-looking, and also twenty-five. She tells us that she went back to school and is finishing up her last year. When she's done, she's pursuing modeling, because that's what she wants to do. She says she was so nervous for the one minute that she was on the show, and that it sucks being the first one eliminated. She says that she doesn't think it will negatively affect her modeling career, and that, if anything, it helps by putting her foot in the door, since people have seen her for "a couple seconds." And on that note, the segment ends. It was exactly forty-six seconds long.

Julie! Oh, I loved her so. She says that little girls come up to her and say that she looks like the girl from ANTM and she says to them, "I get that a lot." Julie jokes that, as the only Indian, she thought had the competition in the bag. She says that she thinks she would have done better if she hadn't told the judges that she wanted to start a manufacturing company. Flashback to Janice grilling her. Lots of people have come up to Julie and told her she was an idiot. She agrees that there is a wrong time and place to be honest. The U.S. government supports that position. She tells us that she's going to finish up her associate arts degree at a community college. Not that there's anything wrong with a community college. Then she's planning to go to New York for an internship at a manufacturing company, and also model on the side. She tells us we haven't seen the last of "Curry Mama." LIE #31, unless they're planning yet another Season 3 special.

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