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What The Divas Are Doing Now

And then there's Leah. She has a new, blonde hair with bangs and looks a little bit like Kim Cattrall but with scarier eyes. We see footage of her elimination, and she says that nobody likes to be cut and that it's hard to be critiqued. She was clearly freaked out by the whole process of judging, and the fact that America was watching. She says that she's definitely going to pursue modeling, and a suddenly brown-haired and shaggy-banged Leah goes on her first professional shoot. She's most concerned about her "soccer mom" image, so she's tried to change little things. For example, she's committed to wearing fewer clothes. Someone takes photos of her in underwear. And, of course, the shoot is for FHM. I'm surprised there haven't been more of these, actually. The feature in FHM is on "hometown honeys," which she thinks is great, because she's from Norman, Oklahoma. There's nothing that shows hometown pride like getting oiled up and posing in your skivvies. She's nervous and awkward on the shoot, but her body is awesome. She says that ANTM has definitely changed her, but it's for the good (LIE #32!), and she likes it.

Tyra tells us that there are many paths that you can take to become a model, but that most of them run through New York City, fashion capital of the world! But, she says, moving to New York and leaving behind loved ones can be hard, so it's helpful to have some familiar faces around. Cut to Ann in a really goofy hat. She pulls Leah into the shot, and announces that they're moving to their new apartment in Brooklyn. We see the outside of a slummy-looking house, which is to be theirs. She says it's definitely not the Waldorf. Dude, that's not even the Best Western. It turns out that Ann, Leah, and Jennipher are going to be living together, and that Cassie is coming to visit them. All in a two-bedroom apartment! What fun. Ann says that the roommates are actually all supportive of each other, and want one another to do well. I will add an emphatic "FOR NOW." And then just go ahead and say LIE #33! They show us the things that are broken in their apartment. As they unpack, Leah says that the place has character. Ann says that it has potential for character, and we can see that Ann's mom has come to help her move in. They say that it's a great place while they're starting out, because they don't have a lot of money. They point to the house and say that if anyone wants to book them (or rob them blind!), they live there.

Ugh! More Eva. She grew up with three brothers and a mom and dad who are still happily married. Cute Eva kid pictures. And hey, what is the deal with her family, too? Didn't she have some ambiguous sob story all season? How is everyone's family so much better three months later? She says that living in L.A. was great, since she always saw movie stars and the like. She wants to get into acting in movies and television. Flashback to the Taye Diggs acting challenge. We see the hilarious footage. Eva notes that she said, "illsnesses." "What is 'illsnesses'?" she asks with her giant fake smile. She goes on about this for a bit. Shut up, Eva. We then learn that she was tapped to guest star with Taye on Kevin Hill. Why do none of the white contestants or Kelle get spots on UPN shows? We see a fabulous-looking Eva on the show. She does okay. She gushes about the experience. She and Taye flirt. Damn, but that man is fine. Eva says that she's not intimidated, and that she's had confidence her whole life. That at least is true. We see Eva's mom, Michelle Pigford, who says that she isn't surprised that her daughter is not fearful. She tells us that Eva loves to be the center of attention. Yeah, we figured that one out, mom. Eva kisses Taye Diggs. Bitch! The director of the show tells us that she has incredible presence, and is pretty. She notes that the executive producer of the show was there, and that they loved her, and that she was good. It sounds like she might get a recurring spot. HA HA HA HA HIEEEEEEEE!

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