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What The Divas Are Doing Now

Eva says that she immediately went to the finale party in Los Angeles. Wait, wasn't that, like, months after the final episode aired? Time flies when you're an in demand top model, I guess. Also, LIE #3! Then, she says, she took the red-eye to New York, where she did interviews with radio station KISS FM, CBS'sThe Early Show, and Regis and Kelly. Lots of footage of the Eva Laugh. She tells us that it was "so much..." and then trails off. At first I thought she ended with fun, but she actually ended with nothing. She says that she thought to herself, "Oh my gosh, is this what stars do? Because this is crazy!" And if she thinks that's crazy, she should experience a day in the life of a recapper!

Eva tells us she was most excited to meet the folks at Ford, who will be her "new family." She meets with Neil Hamil of Ford, and some other lowly grunts who have been forced to deal with her. She smiles enchantingly. She gets Polaroids taken for her book, and Neil tells her that she has to keep her wits about her and be very determined. She quickly replies, "And I am." She tells us, "It's so much more than just your face being out there. You're watched now. You're idolized." You're also recruited to be Missy Elliott's bottom, if the rumors are to be believed. And also...I think "idolized" might be overstating it a bit, there, Miss Diva. Cut to footage of two teenage girls -- obviously paid in crack by UPN (it's what they have in the petty cash box) -- running up to Eva and squealing and asking for a photo. She obliges with hugs and whatnot. She says that what you decide to put out there will influence how you are portrayed, and that little girls will pick that up. Her job is to be a positive role model and positive example for those little girls. And a note to all the little girls out there: you can do better.

Which leads to Tyra's favorite bedtime story: the tale of Eva's transformation. Eva says that seeing herself on the show has changed her life and made her realize how she comes across to other people. We get clips of her walking in fiercely at last year's callbacks and of Ann giving her a beating about being mean to Norelle in Tokyo. Eva says she was fortunate to see her behavior, and that it allowed her to check herself and take a different approach (read: saving her infantile behavior for off-camera -- LIE #4!). Her Mama has always told her, "Too much is given, much is required." Her Mama and Tyra's Mama should have lunch. She continues, "So I'm put on this pedestal [LIE #5!], but I have a lot of work to do while I'm up here." She hugs a woman who is almost as large as her delusions of grandeur.

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