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What The Divas Are Doing Now

Ann says that her hometown of Erie, PA, where we have footage of her walking, is a great town to grow up in, but is too small for her. She charmingly whispers into a little seal statue that she's going to become a real top model. She says that she's moving to New York to pursue a modeling career, and that she was contacted by Elite Models (with whom she now has a contract) and is anxious to see if she likes it. And the show does not tell us that Ann did several shows during New York fashion week, because it's jealous that she's booking more work than Eva. So I am going to go ahead and say LIE #11!

Next up is Amanda. And while other girls faced obstacles...yes, we know, Amanda is blind. We see present-day Amanda, who still has the platinum blonde hair, but it is mercifully much shorter. She says, "My name's Amanda Swafford. I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and snuggling." And I know that she's trying to be cute and mock-cheesy, but in doing so she is actually just cheesy-cheesy which, given what we're about to see, isn't entirely her fault. Cut to footage of Amanda with her son Eli (a.k.a Jah Wolf). She tries to get him to say "I love you." Way to set yourself up for rejection, there, Mom. She tells us that when she first heard about the show, she, Tobias (who we know from other sources, but not this show, is her baby daddy), and Eli were living with her father on the side of a mountain in Hendersonville and doing a whole lot of nothing. She saw a commercial for an open call and thought, "Shoot, I'm not doing anything else." And while that's kind of sad, I sort of love her for saying it.

Amanda tells us that she'd wanted to model ever since she could talk (what one has to do with the other, I do not know), and we see some adorable pictures of her little girl self, with her big blue eyes. She says that in the sixth grade she went through her dorky stage, featuring goofy teeth and big glasses. Cut to Ruby Swafford, Amanda's grandmother. And I am not going to make fun of anyone's grandmother, so please look elsewhere for your amusement. Grandma tells us that when Amanda was fourteen, they went to get her a new prescription for her glasses, and that's when they learned about the retinitis pigmentosa. Amanda's moustached, be-sweatshirted father, Lynn Swafford, says, "When you're fourteen, you're looking forward to driving, and the boys, and moving on with your life and everything. And then hearing that you're going to go blind, you know...that's a pretty heavy sack of rocks to drag around." Grandma says, "She'd go down the hall and to turn into the bathroom, she'd run into the wall." And this is so wrong, but I totally laughed. Writing for this site has put me on the short bus to hell. Flashback of Amanda's big revelation at casting. And wow! Some of the girls who didn't make it into the final fourteen were really, really pretty.

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