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What The Divas Are Doing Now

Next is lovely Nicole, who we see hamming it up on the red carpet at the finale party. A present-day and still redheaded Nicole tells us that she wanted to prove that North Dakota is a goldmine of potential talent. We see some photos of a pretty, very blonde Nicole, and she looks a lot like Cameron Diaz. She says that in order to be a successful model you have to stand out, which she obviously did not (LIE #21!) when Tyra didn't remember her amongst a group of six people. Oh, goodness. I hope that secretly she knows that she's just too cool to model, and that fake-ass moment wasn't really what deterred her from pursuing it. Nicole says that, since the show ended, she's realized that modeling isn't her forte, and that she's going to focus on acting. If she can impart some personality in her audition, there is more of a chance that she will be successful. More pretty blonde pictures of Nicole. It's wrong that this show tears down perfectly lovely people like Nicole, and builds up the Teflon egos of people like Yaya and Eva.

And now, we must check in again on Eva's journey. Sigh. At the finale party, a reporter showed Eva her Cover Girl spread in People. That is when she knew she had made it. Eva Scream. "I am Cover Girl Eva." Eva Laugh. "HA HA HIEEEEEEEE!" She meets with some folks from Cover Girl. She screams more. Her picture is in between shots of Queen Latifah and Molly Sims. She is excited. She squeals. The Cover Girl staff flatly says, "Welcome Eva" in unison. She squeals. She says quite seriously, "Not only am I America's Next Top Model...great. But I am a Cover Girl. And that to me is...that's everything." LIE #22! Thank goodness that was brief.

Tyra tells us that competing on ANTM changes all of the girls in profound ways (LIE #23!). For Cassie, that meant going back to her old life with a new attitude. Present-day Cassie tells us that when she goes back to college she's going to have to work, and she's going to try her hardest to get a "real job." LIE #24! Flash back to Cassie saying she's not going back to stripping, and Tyra saying that, if she has anything to do with it, that will be the case. And I'm totally sure she's been a big help with that. Cassie said she promised her mom she wouldn't strip anymore (not to mention Auntie Tyra!), and that she's going to try to honor that promise. Cassie takes us on a tour of the University of Oklahoma campus, which she says is beautiful. She's met some great people and made a life for herself in Oklahoma, which includes a little apartment, a Pomeranian, and her boyfriend C.J. She says that C.J. is her first boyfriend ever, and so there's a major connection there. C.J. kind of looks like Aaron Neville, but younger, skankier, and less mole-ridden. He says that he's like spaghetti and she's like marinara sauce -- they compliment each other really well. Cassie screams, "Ew, carbs!" and runs to the toilet to regurgitate the pea she had for lunch. She says that if it came down to her career vs. C.J., she would choose her career only because C.J. would not let her stop chasing her dream. C.J. says, "Those are my sentiments exactly," and thinks, "plus, those other girls at the Foxy Lady be looking good."

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