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The judges deliberate. Sheena's picture is beautiful, but it's the second soft shot she's done, and Nigel would like to see a bit more power. Analeigh's face is dull. Paulina says she has a beautiful body and the skating background, and they all want her to have more potential than she probably actually has. Clark is not as photogenic as Susan wanted her to be. Nigel says she's night and day in front of them and in photos. Lauren Brie is the opposite of Clark -- she doesn't look great in person, but photographs amazingly well. Brittany is very "pretty," says Nigel, but is not a great model. Susan adds that she doesn't have the "wow" factor. Paulina is loving Samantha's hair, and says that her photo is gorgeous. Hannah needs to stop looking so put together. Isis looks gorgeous in her photo despite the wonky eye, but she was stuck in the same pose and her film all looks the same. Tyra loves practically everything about Marjorie's photo. McKey's looks incredible, says Nigel, and her makeover has done her an amazing amount of justice. Elina delivered despite her crazy-ass makeover. Paulina loves the way Joslyn's swimsuit looks. Miss J. does his hood pose and screams. And with that, panel comes to a conclusion.

The girls return. Tyra calls Elina's name first. See, you get rewarded for not bitching continuously about the makeover that you hate. Tyra then calls Lauren Brie, Samantha, McKey, Sheena, Joslyn, Marjorie, Clark, Isis, and Hannah. This of course leaves Brittany and Analeigh in the bottom two. Brittany is such a pretty girl, but for some reason it's not connecting in her photos. And then there's Analeigh, who should be ahead of the pack with her ice skating background. Because she has something extra, the judges expect more. So who stays? Analeigh. Tyra tells her to get it together and translate her beauty in her photos. Brittany approaches Tyra, who tells her to go home and buy all the European fashion magazines and study them. Brittany has "it," but it's not being reflected. As Brittany packs, she cries. She tells us emotionally that when she thinks too hard in a photo it doesn't look real, but when she doesn't think about it, it's vacant. She says that she's learning, and she's going to take everything she's learned and apply it. She concludes by saying that she's too bright of a star to fade away. And then we fade away.

Next week: High-stakes runway challenge! With blindfolds!

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