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Brittany asks Elina if she lives in her mother's house, and if her mother pays the bills. Elina nods. She also acknowledges upon Brittany's asking that her mom buys her food. Elina says that they talk and hang out. Brittany and Joslyn can't understand why Elina hates her mom so much. Elina explains that going grocery shopping does not equal love, and then busts out with, "I hate her. I hate my mom." I bet the family therapy sessions those two are in right now are awesome. Brittany confessionalizes that Elina is an evil bitch, and ungrateful to boot. She tells Elina that it sounds like she's using her mom. Elina, who can't counterpoint a good point, simply says that she just became uncomfortable with the conversation. As opposed to how comfortable everyone in the room must have been when she started talking about how she hates her mother. Elina is upset and walks out. Brittany notes that she's psycho, and we head to commercials.

When we return, Analeigh practices posing in the mirror as Marjorie and Isis give her suggestions for improvement. Analeigh interviews that her entire life was figure skating, and this leads everyone to believe that she's going to be doing some amazing poses. She feels pressure to perform. Tooching your booty can sometimes be even more difficult than a triple axel. Marjorie tells Analeigh to show confidence in her posing. Analeigh says she has none. Marjorie gives her a big hug. Analeigh interviews that she gets really upset that she's not delivering.

The girls head to their photo shoot, which is at a giant house right on the edge of a beach. They see Jay Manuel, who reveals that they're in Malibu. He also reveals that they will indeed be shooting in swimsuits. And then he reminds us that Tyra actually made history as the first African-American model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. The man who shot that infamous cover, Mr. Russell James, is there to shoot the girls today. That guy has kind of an awesome job, right? The girls will be modeling swimsuits designed by supermodel Susan Holmes, who is also there. I must confess to having no idea who she is. I mean, she looks vaguely familiar, but not "Freedom '90" familiar. Jay drops the bomb that this week the training wheels are off. Russell and Susan will be directing the photo shoots today. I would venture that they would be about twelve times as helpful as Jay ever is. Nonetheless, the girls are nervous.

Sheena is up first, and is excited to work with Russell. He tells her that she looks gorgeous, and all seems to go well. Next is Joslyn. We see Jay telling her that her strength is the energy she brings to the set. We see the energy in action as Russell sarcastically says that he wishes she were more positive and upbeat. She poses in a tree like a very squeaky woodland creature. Analeigh heads out into the water and poses by a big rock. Susan says that Analeigh has to work on her moves a bit more and feel comfortable in her own skin. She also needs to educate herself a bit more. And not with something stupid like algebra or Russian literature. She needs to buy some magazines. We then have McKey, who poses on the deck of the house and appears to do a good job.

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