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Hannah is next, also posing by a rock. We learn for certain that Hannah has major crazy eyes. Russell asks her to tone down the psycho eyes, but she doesn't seem to understand. They put a huge hat on her, which isn't doing her any favors in the crazy department. Clark is next and Susan compliments her for being very delicate and subtle. Rats. Jay talks to Brittany about the shoot. She says she's nervous that she's overthinking things. Jay tells her to just engage in the flow. Brittany is praying that this photo will show the judges that she's got more going on than just prettiness. Russell tries some motion shots with Brittany. He tells us that when she first came out, it was painful to watch. He wonders if she has a broad enough range of moves and looks, and notes that she didn't leave any impression in his mind as a model. Samantha appears to kill it.

Elina is up next, and Jay tells her that he wants to see her embracing the hair. Elina seems prepared to do it. She tells Susan that even though she cried at first, she now loves the hair. Elina interviews that she doesn't recognize herself, but she's over it. Tyra brought her out of her comfort zone, she says, and she thinks it's really going to help. Russell notes that Elina is not your typical swimsuit model at first glance, but she's gorgeous. He thinks that her hair is working absolutely perfectly with her features and she's got a very cool look. I have to say the hair does look kind of awesome. Marjorie is next to shoot, and appears to do a good job. Lauren Brie is next and looks like a freaky porn star Barbie in her pink sequined swimsuit and platinum blonde hair.

And then there's Isis. She confesses to Jay that she's a little nervous, and reminds us that she was physically born a male and that there's a lot of pressure on her. Jay tells her that Russell and Susan don't know about her situation, and adds that he wants to make sure that her face reads confident. Isis poses in the suit, and happily there's no evidence of any extra bits. Russell tells us that he found Isis difficult to shoot. He's not convinced that Isis has the potential to be a model for pure physical structure reasons in the face. Is he saying that he thinks she has a man-jaw? I mean, technically I guess that's true. It's making me sad to see Isis get less and less fierce each week, though.

When the girls return home, there is Tyra Mail. Someone will be getting the boot. Analeigh says that she's nervous, and hopes the judges think she delivered an impressive photo. Brittany really doesn't want to be in the bottom two. Isis really wants Brittany to shut up and let her eat her Doritos in peace. Isis interviews that she is nervous. She did her best, and now can just pray that she has a good picture. With that, we head to commercials.

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