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We enter panel with Tyra posing in a '40s style swimsuit and looking gorgeous. I guess swimsuits really are her genre. There are prizes, there are judges. Susan Holmes is the guest judge. We get a brief glimpse of a photo of Tyra and Susan circa 1992. Tyra is wearing hot pants and a beret, while Susan sports sequined multi-colored high-waisted shorts and what appear to be either oranges or Nerf balls as a top. I never really thought of the '90s as being all that strange a time, but guess I've been proven wrong. Tyra tells the girls that it's very important to master swimsuits, because they're such a big market. It's true that you can't turn around without seeing a girl with her bits hangout out, whether she's in Vogue or the Victoria's Secret catalogue.

Sheena is up first. Tyra likes her look, and says it makes her look "tropical." She's going to cast Sheena in her all-model remake of South Pacific as part of the "Broadway Scares" project. Nigel thinks that Sheena's photo is beautiful. He says that she surprises him, because she has such a strong personality and yet her photos are so serene. Sheena tells the panel that she was trying to smile with her eyes, and Tyra confirms that she was successful. Next is Analeigh. Paulina notes that her arms are like scary tree branches in her photo. Not good. Susan tells Analeigh that she needs to do more research -- i.e. read some magazines. Tyra thinks that if Analeigh were looking up in her shot, it would have been fantastic.

Clark is next. Tyra says that she looks much more interesting with dark hair, and Paulina agrees that it was a good makeover. Clark's picture is okay. Paulina says she needs to be careful because she doesn't have a full, voluptuous mouth and shouldn't hold her lips tightly. She, too, has to do some research into mouth posing. Next is Hannah. Her photo gets an, "Oooh!" from Tyra. Nigel says it's very "European sexy," and not something you'd see in an American magazine. He means this as a compliment. Tyra says that Hannah gets stuck in her film and tends to give the same pose over and over. She tells her to give the photographer a few shots. I am so sad that we didn't get a crazy eyes photo!

We then have Lauren Brie. Tyra compliments her face in her photo, and Miss J. says that Lauren reminds him of Caridee. Hey, remember her? Tyra says that in her film, Lauren did some soft shots, and then there were the "Come get me, boys, I'm about to toot my booty up and push my chest out" poses. She gets props for having variety. Brittany is next. Tyra says that 20 shots will go by in her film, and she is in fact so "natural" that she doesn't look like she's present at all. Brittany says that she was posing and "doing modeling," and the photographer told her to not think so much. Tyra explains that when a photographer says, "Look at me," it doesn't mean he wants you to be totally vacant and blank. Good to know, good to know.

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