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McKey is next. Tyra says that she has such a strong face, she can have any color hair. She compares her to Linda Evangelista, which is a big compliment. Miss J. loves the extension of McKey's body in her shot, and Paulina says that her face is beautiful and soft. Susan notes that McKey was the only model to really think out of the box. Then there's Isis. Nigel asks if she was uncomfortable doing this kind of shoot. Isis says she was at first, but then tried to just get into the poses. Isis has a lazy eye in her shot, and Tyra says that all of her film was sleepy. Paulina, however, notes that her pose is very becoming and she looks wonderful. Aww, Paulina.

Marjorie with the darker hair is next, and Tyra says she looks much younger and more like a model. She looks amazing in her photo, and not really like herself at all. Tyra says it looks like a high-end, edgy boutique hotel ad. Miss J. likes it but notes that she could be showing a little more swimsuit. Then we have Samantha, who of course looks totally different and a lot better. Her photo gets raves all around, and Paulina notes that she looks like she's really thinking something, which draws the viewer in. Tyra says that Samantha just comes off like a sweet girl in person, but in front of a camera she knows how to turn it on. That's a good thing.

Elina with her big red hair is next. Nigel says that her photo is stunningly beautiful, and adds that she really has a beautiful face. Paulina says that for modeling, tattoos are generally a terribly bad idea. We see the big ink on Elina's arm. Elina notes that she was nervous about hiding them. Tyra, who I think is feeling a little salty about Paulina these days, says that the tattoos work for Elina's photo and so she's not going to retouch them. Tyra adds that Elina's is one of the most interesting makeovers they've done on Top Model. It makes her racially ambiguous. Every little girl can look at Elina's picture and see herself in it. And then wonder why she's suddenly feeling like she hates her mom. Tyra thinks that's beautiful.

Last but not least is Joslyn, who has a wide-legged stance in her photo. Miss J. thinks she's one step from the pose that all the girls do in the hood. He does the hood pose, and may have a point. Tyra notes that Joslyn has power in her photo. She's posing, but there's motion. Well done for a third week in a row! Joslyn is really the surprise of the season.

And hey! It's Cycle 9's Lisa! She's apparently been taking the fashion world by storm, posing for Carmen Marc Valvo and Tracy Reese. And she opened the William and Augusta show at New York fashion week! Is it wrong of me to admit that I don't even remember Lisa in the slightest? Did she maybe cry at her makeover? Oh no, wait! Lisa was the stripper who has seen every kind of hurt! Oh, good for her. I hope she's making some cash.

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