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When we return, Zac tells Ann that she looks amazing and to go out there and have fun. He repeats, "Have fun, have fun, have fun!" but the terror in her eyes reveals that not much fun is about to be had. Ann's walk out on the runway isn't totally horrible, despite the frozen terror on her face, but on the way back her shoe gets caught in her pants and it looks really weird. She doesn't fall, thank goodness. I don't think any of us could take that, especially since some wiseguy in the audience would be bound to yell, "Timber!" Jay tells us that Ann has always been uncomfortable, and is going to have to make some major changes if she's going to survive outside of a beautiful picture.

Chris, meanwhile, asks the model in front of her a question, and the pro model says that the newbies have to figure things out for themselves, and she doesn't give a fuck if they fall on their faces. Chris hilariously interviews, "Lord almighty if I'd a had a chance I would have put my foot so... look, she would have been hurt." Chris's walk looks pretty good, as does Chelsey's, and then it's time for the girls to take a second pass. Esther steps out on the runway, and interviews that personality-filled Esther is on her way. Personality-filled Esther also apparently has a prosthetic leg that she has to swing from the back to the front when she walks. She looks completely cray-cray. Miss J. simply says, "Not good." There is some more unremarkable walking, and Chelsey tells us that she wants to impress Zac Posen big-time. This is her chance, and she works it in her normally subdued fashion while wearing what appear to be cataract sunglasses. We don't see Ann's second pass at the runway, probably because of some FCC regulation about the number of tortuous minutes permitted on an hour-long show. The girls celebrate backstage and someone yells, "We're real models now!" Oh, honey.

Miss J. and Zac dole out the critiques, but first they note that the meanness of the pro models was just an "act." Chris still wants to punch that one bitch, though, and maybe Miss J. too. Zac tells Kayla that she has the body and has elegance, which is something that he always looks for and needs. Chris has to remember to take longer steps. Jane is gorgeous in the face, but Zac says that he needs to see her natural fierceness through her body as well. Miss J. tells Jane not to hold her head high in a haughty fashion, but bring the chin down. He then is quite kind about telling Esther that she has a "shaky" thing about her, and needs to figure out how to get her head to talk to her torso, and her torso to talk to the rest of her body. Chelsey's walk had a smoothness, and Zac thought that she fit the clothing well. And then there's Ann. Zac tells her that she had a little panic moment before she went out, however she's rare and rarity is his definition of luxury. I don't think that makes any sense, but I'm not the boy genius. Zac tells Ann that her rarity is powerful, but she has to work on her confidence. A red-faced Ann interviews that she's trying to work on her confidence, but it's not coming along particularly quickly. Well, a $100,000 prize would sure buy you a lot of co-pays at the therapist's office, so let's hope she keeps it together for a few more weeks. In the end, Chelsey wins! She is thrilled with her new fashion loot.

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