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Liz is up next. She's so dumb that she actually cracks up at herself cracking up at her own mistakes in the commercial. Need I mention that the judges are not laughing? Nigel wastes no time in venting to the others that Liz was an absolute and utter mess, and what's more -- and more irritating -- she laughed through the whole thing. But while Nigel thinks that Liz needs a good old-fashioned cock-punch, Tyra can see the deeper story. She asks Liz if she's afraid of looking foolish. Liz says that she is, and Tyra adds that the way to get where she wants to go is not blowing it off. Liz, who is either a real mess or selectively savvy, starts to cry. She says her biggest thing is her daughter and she doesn't want to fail her. Everything Liz does is to make sure that she can take care of her daughter, and she's happy. Tyra tells Liz that that's her purity and her truth, and it will make her shine. She goes so far as to say that Liz might actually have an advantage over the other girls because she has that "extra thing." It should make her hungrier, and make her fight, and make her take this very seriously. We don't flash back to Nigel for his reaction, but I'm guessing that he probably still thinks that Liz is a jerk. She's historically been a pain in the ass, and if she hasn't gotten it by now I'm not sure she's going to.

Next we have Chris. Chris cracks up at her commercial too, but it's different because she did a good job. The judges give her a round of applause. Tyra says that besides the occasional cheese her commercial was fun and real. Again, a tad cheesy, but that's Chris. Zac, who keeps talking to Tyra instead of the girls when he gives his critique, says that he wants to roller skate with Chris. ALT adds that the commercial was fluid, Chris moved through it brilliantly, there was a lot of energy, and her smile worked for her. Chris accepts her copious kudos graciously.

And then there's Ann. Her best take is terror-stricken and very sad. And Nigel totally starts laughing at it! He keeps his lips closed, but barely. It's like the church giggles, I think. At the end of the commercial, ALT simply says, "Poor thing." He adds that she seemed like she was in deep pain from the moment she stood up, and it showed. There was no sense of letting go. Zac asks where the invisible string is. I think he's telling Ann to stand up straight. He says that she has to come with strength so, even if roller-skating is not her forte, they all believe in her and want to put her in a giant gown. She has to have a sense of confidence. Nigel says that if Ann owns it, the judges believe it, and it would be endearing. However, fear is not endearing. Ann manages to take the judges' critiques without falling apart, which I guess means the meltdown remains only partial. Something to look forward to next week?

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