Community Q&A With Danny Pudi

TWoP: Does that make it difficult when a guest actor pops in for an episode or two? Is there any awkwardness or tension about having a new person in your guys' midst?

Pudi: When guest actors come in, that person will often do a monologue introducing their character. And after that they'll flip the cameras on us and we react to whatever the person is saying. And it's funny because we get it now -- we get where each character comes from and it's fun to see how we all react to new elements being introduced to Greendale. We're a bad flash mob is what we are. From our characters' standpoint, there's definitely uncertainty whenever a new element is introduced. It's like, "Oh I hope this doesn't destroy our delicate ecosystem!" Which it usually does, because we're a really self-centered study group. But as actors, we love it, because that new element forces our characters to react in different ways and who knows how it's going to change things? A good example of how that's worked is Fat Neil in the D&D episode. That was a character that started off with one or two lines and the next thing you know, he's at the center of one of my favorite episodes and doing an incredible job.

TWoP: There were a few romantic sparks that flew last year between Abed and Annie as well as with that CIA agent. Any chance we'll see him embark on a long-term relationship this season? He's already got a pretty fulfilling bromance with Troy...

Pudi: That, to me, is the greatest thing. It's a really great friendship and it's great that they found each other. I think they both had the idea of building a blanket fort for years and it was never fully realized until they found a best friend. As far as romance, Abed has definitely had these flashes with women he's seen and same with Troy. I think they're both looking for that long term relationship, but are they ready for it yet? I don't know. When they're approaching a woman yelling "Books!" and holding a briefcase full of tacos, I think they still need to polish their strategy a bit.

TWoP: How much do the writers keep you in the loop about future plot developments? Are they always providing you with updates or are you generally left in the dark?

Pudi: No, we don't know anything. My mom asked me the other day, "So what's happening in Season 3?" and I said, "I don't know." And she was like, "Why are you so secretive all the time? You guys are like Apple and the way they unveil products." And I'm like, "Thank you mom! I'll take that. I'd love being compared to Apple!" Right now we're working on the Halloween episode and we're just trying to get through it. I have heard some things about certain characters signing up for a class or looking for themselves, but those are just big concepts. We never really know where we're going, but I think that's the fun of it too. I personally don't like to know everything that's going on, because I like to respond organically as it happens. Of course, sometimes I'm very happy when I know something in advance. Like if I have to watch My Dinner with Andre -- I had never seen it prior to that episode -- it's nice to have time to prepare for that. Or if I have to do a Batman impression, I want to make sure I have some time to prepare for it. Abed is an expert in a lot of these things and I'm not, so I need a couple days to prepare to at least play an expert.

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