Community Q&A With Danny Pudi

TWoP:You've also got a role in the movie Knights of Badassdom, about live action role players. Will that be coming out this year?

Pudi: I heard rumblings about it coming out later this year, but other people have told me early 2012. As long as that meteor doesn't hit earth or whatever the Mayans said will happen, I'm hopeful that it comes out and people will see it. The cast is really incredible and it was such a goofy good time. It was fun to explore that world for a couple of weeks. There are a lot of LARP players in the movie and I spoke with a player for quite a bit before I shot anything to get some pointers. Because when you're holding a foam sword, you want to make sure you're using it correctly. You don't want the fans to say, "He's not a LARP player! I can tell by the way he's handling his foam sword."

TWoP: In the back of your head, is there any fear about being typecast in geek-friendly fare? Are you looking to play a character completely unlike Abed in the near future?

Pudi: Right now, I'm just really thankful and happy to be having so much fun. People might say all these projects have a big geek base, but that's a reflection on where I'm at in my life and that's okay. I get to play a lot of interesting, quirky characters and I like exploring weird things and alternate perspectives. I mean, I'm married and I come home and do weird things my wife doesn't expect all the time. So I like being able to do that at work, so at home I can be a little more normal. I think the cool thing about Community is that Abed gets to become these other people. So I get to be Han Solo for a bit or Don Draper every once in a while.

TWoP: Speaking of that, Jon Hamm needs to be a guest star Community already. The world needs you two doing Dueling Drapers.

Pudi: Oh man, would that terrify me. A Draper-Off? I think that's that one time you might see Abed silent. That would be my LeVar Burton moment! Like when Troy saw LeVar and his eyes popped out of his head. That would probably happen to me.

TWoP: So if the Draper-Off isn't happening yet, what can you tease about what to expect this season?

Pudi: One of the things that happens with Abed is that he moves in with Troy. So that's a fun new development. It happens in the third or fourth episode and we have a little bit of a housewarming. We address Pierce's role in the study group right away and Abed finds it fascinating. Anytime something like that happens, Abed wants to pick up his camera and document it, so we'll see if there's another documentary episode this season. Besides that, you have the arrivals of Michael Kenneth Williams and John Goodman and those two characters are going to be very interesting. We'll have two respected actors to come in and slap the study group, saying "Wake up you idiots, there's a bigger world out there than pillow forts and conspiracy theories." [Laughs]

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